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Exco-Armour Shave with benefits

So, beards. I understand that some people can grow them so that hair covers their faces evenly, shaping to them to their own taste. I wouldn’t mind crafting my own expression of our mammalian heritage, but I can’t. Oh, I should clarify. I'm Mr. Lox or Loxy to you long time readers. If you couldn't guess, I'm Gouldylox's husband.

Don’t get me wrong. I can grow the hairs on my face. And they’re righteous big boy hairs. There just aren’t enough of them. This frail stubble grows quickly but never fills in, so I don’t HAVE to shave daily. I probably don’t shave as often as I should (I’m sure Gouldylox is of that opinion), but even after a couple of days my face will look like it needs a razor but never turns into a beard-in-progress. On top of that, my skin hasn’t cared for most shaving experiences. It doesn’t like electric razors, so it gets all red and angry. It doesn’t work with disposable razors, so it gets all red and angry. It reacts poorly to most shaving products, especially “cooling” aftershave stuff, so it gets—well, you know. At least I found a razor that works for me, one of those vibrating cartridge deals with the battery in the handle. But I still didn’t have the right stuff to ease my skin through a regular shave.

These irritating experiences led to me to prefer a shave in the shower (and yes, I admit I did research to ensure that I wouldn’t be the first person to electrocute himself with one of those vibrating razor handles in the shower). My skin doesn’t get irritated in the moist air and I get a nice, smooth, overall pleasant shaving experience. Of course, I can also waste an awful lot of water and experience the full effect of our ever-rising water bills, so that’s not a green solution for the planet or my bank account.

Then my wife starts writing to all of you folks. So I get to discover a single shaving product that changes my world. A single product lets me manage the beard at sink or shower, in a couple of minutes or longer if I have time to actually enjoy (!) the process.

I’ve never been as happy with any shaving (foam/cream/??? Goo) as I am for Eco-Armour's Shave with Benefits, and I’ve been that happy for a couple of years now. Eco-Armour Botanical Shaving Foam is the most effective and satisfying single shaving product I’ve ever used. It doesn’t care about all my weirdbeardness. It works its magic this simply:

1.    I wet my face.
2.    I pump some foam onto my palm or my fingertips.
3.    I spread the foam on my shavables.
4.    I shave.

That’s it. There are probably some of you politely thinking, “Well, duh.” My feelings appreciate your discretion, but here’s the thing about that last step, when I shave. It doesn’t matter how I do it. In a rush or at a slow careful pace, whether I respect the grain of my hair or pull my face taut (which usually ends in making faces in the mirror instead of shaving)—my skin doesn’t get mad.

Of course if I take my time I’ll have a cleaner, better and more complete shave. But unless I’m careless and don’t wet my face enough, this shaving foam shields my finicky flesh from irritation, bumps, nicks and all, even if my razor cartridge really should have been replaced yesterday. I know Eco-Armour is made of natural stuff. Turns out my face is also made of natural stuff, so I think my face and foam have a lot in common and get along immediately.

I’ve even experimented with different ways to use the shaving foam. Sometimes I’ll spread it on my skin and wait 60 seconds. If I’ve really been lazy about keeping up a good routine, I can apply the foam, let it sit for a minute, and then apply a second coat. I always end up with at least a good shave with no irritation. If I want a fantastic shave, I just need to take enough time to do it right—Eco-Armour Shaving Foam will back me up in any situation, but if I let it, it can only get better.

Exco-Armour Shave with benefits

This magnificent foam comes in a lot of flavors and sizes, and I genuinely like them all. The original Mint + Eucalyptus is still my favorite, but only because it’s the most familiar. They all work the same way and smell like pretty ladies without making me smell girly.

By the way, it works just as well on any other hair, anywhere. On you, I mean, I don’t mean anywhere on the world or whatever. It would be cool to try it in space. I might actually do that one day since I take some Eco-Armour along on any journey I make.

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  1. I love this stuff and I'm no man. This is the only shave cream I use now. I'm impressed that Loxy wrote this!!


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