Makeup Wars: Favorite Summer Foundation

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This week's edition of Makeup Wars asks, "What is my favorite summer foundation?"

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This requires a lot of thought on my part. I love foundations and, right now, I have on my desk more than I can use in my lifetime. But when the weather is hot and humid, what works best?

I hate how quickly most liquid foundations break down with sweat. Some BB Creams are pretty spectacular as are their CC cream counterparts. Powder foundation can be great, provided it doesn't go chalky or worse, chunky, in the heat. It's hard for this never-satisfied blogger to pick just one.

I don't think I can. So instead, I'll give you my four favorite foundations to wear in the summer. They aren't in order of preference, but I do love them each.

Best foundations to use in the summer

For a seriously flawless skin, Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation doesn't move once it's applied. If you find yourself starting to shvitz, blot lightly and you'll still look perfect.

If you want a BB Cream, my go-to summertime option is Skin79 Super Plus BB. This is a true BB Cream and finding the right match for you is key. They have a handy guide on their site if you aren't sure which one is for you. It's called a Beblesh balm because someone already held the trademark on the word blemish in Korea. It's supposed to be spelled that way!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact Makeup, SPF55, gives you serious sun protection, a lighter than air feeling and light to medium coverage. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this worked in the heat. I've been reaching for it more and more lately!

It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Full Coverage Physical SPF50 CC Cream has some of the longest wear I've ever seen in a base. The key is to apply two thin layers. Once you've done that, this foundation feels incredibly light, looks flawless and stays the day. Plus is has an SPF of 50, in a NON-CHEMICAL formula. There is no whitish goop to contend with. Just long wear, a flawless face and amazing sun protection.

See what my very opinionated Makeup Wars compadres are loving right now by clicking on the tiles below.

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  1. I need to get my hands on the Kat Von D! I love her products!

    1. Me too! I love that she has products that are so full coverage and stay put.

  2. Another one with the IT Cosmetics BB Cream! Definitely ordering it!

  3. Such great choices. I need to get on the It CC Cream bandwagon and finally give it a try.

  4. I want to try the Kat Von D. I am currently testing the IT CC cream. I haven't tried two thin layers, but I am going to! Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  5. I was kind of expecting Dan Read foundation to be on your list based on your past review - do you still like the foundation?

  6. shvitz is my new fave word.
    love your choices!

  7. I've tried 2/4 of your list and totally agree. I love the IT CC+ Cream and am savoring every drop of it. The Skin 79 BB Cream is the first one I really fell in love with. When I went to Sephora the SA there felt that the Kat would be too heavy and dark for me so I never looked at it again.

  8. If you apply the KVD with a damp beauty blender it gives some of the prettiest, long wearing coverage I've seen. People are afraid of it because it's full coverage, but sheer it out with a damp application and you'll love it. It's one of the few things Pink Sith and I agree on.

  9. I'll have to try the Neutrogena one, I've been liking their skincare a lot lately!

  10. I need to try some Kat Von D Cosmetics! I have never tried anything and this foundation sounds really great!

  11. Wow!!! great choices indeed! they all seem great products to try out. I think I'll go for the the last one. the qualities are def interesting. I'll check on that one.

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