How to Get Heidi Klum's Ponytail (for less than $5)

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Ms. Klum has the mother of all pony tails. Very long and super thick, this pony looks like it's almost a two-person job! While I can't do anything about the length of your pony for under $5, I can show you how to get a really thick pony with no extra hair, no teasing and no damage.

It's super easy. You need to pick up a Perfect Ponytail by Conair from your neighborhood drugstore (I got mine at CVS/pharmacy and saved $2 off with my Beauty Club Card).

Here is what you do.

Smooth the hair back from the top of your head to your ears.

Place the plastic pony insert under that section of smoothed out hair.

While holding that section and the pony insert in place, brush the hair underneath your ears back, smoothing it into one large pony tail.

Wrap a hearty ponytailer around your jumbo pony.

Heidi tends to leave her pony as-is. If you want a more polished look,  wrap a section of hair around the ponytail to give it a more finished look. Secure the hair with a bobby pin.

So easy, and people will wonder how you did it! Plus, it helps take the weight of the hair off of your head. So if you are prone to ponytail-induced headaches, this may help you! It has definitely helped me.

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