Heat Making You Feel Sick? Try This!

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  Three ways to avoid melting this summer
 No one hates the heat more than me. When it tops 85 degrees, I start to actually feel sick. Over 90 and going outside instantly gives me a rash. When it's hot like it is this week, I get a headache, I feel nauseous and almost like I'm getting the flu. One of these days, I'll move to Maine (Hey VIA, you've never met a broadcast producer like me. I like your weather, let's be friends! ). Until then, these items will remain in my icebox, always at the ready.

How to stay cool in the heat

Avene Thermal Spray is an atomizer that mists your face with healing waters from Avene, France. The water is pH balanced to calm skin and has low amounts of drying minerals like salts. Skin is kept calm, cool and balanced. People travel from all over the world for the chance for this water to help heal them. While traveling is fun, keep a bottle with you for when you need a pick me up, to cool down or soothe hot, irritated skin.

How to Stay Cool in the heat
Hot Girls Pearls are large faux pearls filled with a nontoxic cooling gel that get arctic cold in the freezer. Keep one around your neck and one around your wrist to take down your body temperature. They even make earrings! Pearls are available in a traditional white or steely gray color and range in price from $35-65. While these won't last a full day, if you are forced to be outside for an hour or two, these will do the trick. They are also great for hot flashes. (Which means they make an elegant and handy gift for Moms!)

How to stay cool in the heat

I raved about this last idea a few years ago when a hurricane or sharknado or derecho or whatever stole our power for a week. This Hansderma Facial Roller is a perfect way to cool down skin, help flush out toxins and slim your jawline. Roll it along pressure points on your wrists, neck and even the bottoms of your feet (wash it afterwards, please) to cool down your entire body. I love the metal version, but the plastic will work just as well.

What is your secret to staying cool? I''ve got my sights set on Portland, Maine. You?

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  1. Those giant pearls look fantastic. I just ordered some for my mom, who loathes the summer heat. Thanks for the tip!


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