Ask the Beauty Pros: How Do I Get Bright Brows?

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I'm assuming you're talking about the brows, not the cut creases. So we will start there. And let's be honest. I'm more likely to wear a purple lip than I am a purple brow. So since this isn't something I honestly have practiced doing, I'm not going to waste your time with how I think you would do it (although I was really close!).

Instead, I turned to Beauty for the Bold blogger, Phyrra. Not only does she wear teal brows on the daily (or green or lavender), she's a good friend of mine. Here is how she does it.

      (Phyrra herself, wearing Anastasia's Brow Powder in Teal Tornado.)

1. Apply a primer all over your eye, including your eye brow.
2. Comb brows into the direction you want them to go.
3. Using a stiff angled brush, create a strong outline of your brow, over extending and shaping it so it's the brow you want, not the brow you have. You can use any pigmented shadow. Phyrra suggests using a matte color. Anastasia also has a line of bright brow powders, called Hypercolor.
4. Fill in your colored outline. Blend it all together with a spooli.
5. Using a brow wax, seal your brows.

If you are looking for a brow exactly like in the picture from Reddit, you could try a gel liner instead of a brow powder for that really slick look. Keep in mind that these photos are also really beautifully lit and photoshopped, so be realistic. If this look is too strong for you, avoid exaggeration and stay within the lines of your natural brows. Make the look work for you!

What do you think? It's a little strong for me, but in the right mood, I could be convinced to wear an aubergine brow. Does that count? Tell me in the comments! Got questions? Think of me as the sister you wish you had and ask me!



  1. Love it! And I always covet Phyrra's brows! I did blue eyebrows for 4th of July last year and I loved it, it is a look that I keep meaning to return to, but I just have never gotten around to it. I need more pigmented shadows, for sure!

  2. I love how Phyrra does it. I've got an upcoming review with hot pink brows from Anastasia and I can say that it didn't go over to big with my husband. I tried the dark purple though and he never noticed so there's hope to be young (ok, not young) and colorful.


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