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We've all gone shopping after a bad day at work, right? A project goes sideways, self-esteem plummets and the instant answer is retail therapy. Upgrading to a new skirt or a fabulous purse can change your outlook instantly. But am I the only one that thinks that material upgrades, while lovely, are often fleeting?

I'd take a good hair day over a new purse (my weakness) any day. The weather, however, often has other ideas and what starts as a great hair day can quickly devolve into a topknot to conceal the frizzies.

There is one thing though, that nothing can change and always makes me feel fantastic. Nothing makes me feel more put together, ready to face the day and even sexier, than perfectly smooth legs.

I have dry skin and hair that grows quickly. In the summer, I can be a twice a day shaver, depending on my plans. TWICE A DAY. So I choose my razors carefully. They must have hydrating strips that don't fade away in the shower. They must have blades that get really, really close, even around my ankles. They can't leave tiny traces of stubble around my shins. It doesn't seem like a lot to ask, but based on my experience with razors, apparently it is.

Right now, I'm loving the new Schick Hydro Silk® Razor. Not only does it give back moisture that lasts for up to two hours--thanks to shea butter and marine extracts--but it has five blades that hug your curves for a really close shave. Each blade has a tiny skin guard that helps prevent nicks, which is perfect for klutzes like me. The handle is curved to fit the palm of your hand with a little spot for your forefinger. That design insures you are using the right amount of pressure to get the closest shave possible.

Here is my favorite part.  The Water Activated Moisturizing serum hydrates skin on contact before the blades reach your skin and continue to soothe and hydrate skin immediately after the blades have passed. The best part? The entire head of the razor isn't made of weird moisturizing jelly, so it won't melt down in the shower when you aren't using it. I have yet to find a goopy mess of a razor blade in the shower because I was in a rush and forgot to store it properly!
Have you tried the Schick Hydro Silk® razor? What are you waiting for? I swear, nothing starts a day (or evening) off better than really smooth legs. Try it!

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