Really Easy Braided Bun Tutorial

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Really easy braided bun tutorial

This style couldn't be easier. In maybe five minutes longer that it takes to do a pony, you can have a cute braided bun. Add something like a bun bow and you've got serious style.

Really easy braided bun tutorial

Start by creating a ponytail at the height where you would like to place the bun.

Separate the pony into two sections. Braid both with your favorite braid and secure with a small elastic. (I used a fishtail in the smaller photos and a regular three strand braid in the top photo.)

Loosen up your braid by gently pulling on the sides of the braid.

Wrap one braid around the base of your pony and secure with a bobby pin.

Wrap the remaining braid in the opposite direction of the first braid, securing with a bobby pin.

Add a bun bow (check out these from Gina Made It!) or other accessory if desired.

If hairspray doesn't tame your flyaways, try a light pomade like Davines No. 10 Polishing Coat for Wizards. It adds shine, hold and keeps those flyaways at bay. Just use it sparingly!

Don't worry if it's not perfect! I've practiced a lot and still can't get it to look perfect like most of the tutorials on Pinterest. Add a bobby pin if you need to and have fun making the style your own!  If you try it, post a photo for me on Facebook or Instagram with #GouldyloxBun.

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  1. Hey, who took that *amazing* photo of your braid-bun? Whoever did that must really be a master of photography. I bet he/she is proud of his/her work.

  2. There are a lot of days I want something quick and easy like this. I like that it keeps my hair out of my face, particularly with this summer heat!

  3. This looks super easy! I might try this on my daughter's hair (mine is too curly for it). I've done a single braid before, but not with two.

  4. I've never been able to braid in my life. Maybe that's why I was only allowed to have sons and not daughters! It looks great for summer.

  5. My braids always end up sorta loose and not very pretty. This looks super simple! Great for summer too!


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