Mally Beauty Pro-Tricks Lips Palette

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If you follow me on Pinterest or Facebook, I've been raving about a lip palette from Mally Beauty. This palette is a giant collection of Mally's favorite pro lip colors that are all blendable, long-wearing and totally customizable.

The palette contains nine shades including Modern Melon, Aubergine and a pretty wine color, Vixen. The Pro-Tricks Lipstick Palette also includes three "mixing" colors that can change the depth and hue of any color: a lightener, a pearlizer and a deepener.

Here is the palette, in all of its gorgeous glory.

Check out some of my favorite looks from the Pro-Tricks Lipstick Palette.

Will you pick up the Pro-Tricks Lipstick Palette or pass? It's a steal for $45!

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  1. I love the idea of having a mixer palette - it effectively turns 9 lipsticks into 27 different choices. How clever is that!

  2. Oh my god I want! Btw has anyone told you that you look like a grown up Miley Cyrus?

    1. Hey Kracklebeest - It is an awesome palette! And no, I haven't gotten that before, but I'll take it! I usually get Molly Ringwald (probably because people aren't imaginative enough to think of more than another redhead?).

      ps- your name makes me giggle.

  3. Love those makeups, especially the lipsticks, I love all the shades.


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