Makeup Wars! Favorite Summer Manicure

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Manicures are not my thing. I love hair and makeup (and skincare) in a way that I just don't feel for nails. Don't get me wrong, I like to have pretty nails, but I'm very bad getting them myself and am in no way a nail pro.

watercolor manicure

So I almost sat out this edition of Makeup Wars--until I mastered (on my first try) the Watercolor Mani. I don't know if that is what it's called, but that is what someone called it on Pinterest, so I assume you nail fanatics will know what I mean. For my non-nail fanatics, it kind of looks like your nails have been painted with watercolors. See?

It's so easy a baby could do it. You'll need:

Base Coat
Top Coat
Opaque light polish
Three or four "watercolor" colors
Polish remover and Q-tip or this handy Nail Polish Corrector Pen from CVS/Pharmacy

Step One:
Paint nails with base coat of choice. Then do two solid coats of an opaque color. I used a White On White from China Glaze. Let nails dry really well.

Step Two:
Select three (or four) colors that you want to use in your "watercolor". I used Maybelline Color Show Go Go Green, Essie Rock The Boat and China Glaze For Audrey. When your nails are dry, apply a dot of each color on a nail. Then use a piece of Saran Wrap, slightly wadded, to blot the colors. Do this one nail at a time.

Step Three:
Let nails dry and seal with a top coat. You'll want to clean up the sides of your nails, where you've no doubt made a mess. Don't forget to put some cuticle oil on your nails after you've cleaned up the sides.

Ta-da! Pretty, right?

watercolor manicure

Check out the other summer manis from my friends in Makeup Wars. What is your favorite summer manicure?

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  1. VERY PRETTY! You did a great job for just the first time doing it. I need to try this effect! Oh and I need that clean up pen too. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. SO pretty!! I love the watermarble look, it so easy but looks so pretty on the nails!

    1. It's so much easier when you skip the watermarbling and just blot with plastic wrap!

  3. That is SO pretty and it actually looks easy enough for me to wrap my head around. Must try!

  4. Really pretty and great color choices! I need to try this technique!

  5. So pretty!!! I must try this technique!!! You picked some really great shades. :)

  6. So much easier than water marbling crap!

  7. I tried to do something like this for Halloween and totally failed. I'm impressed. The use of the lighter colors works. Good job!!

  8. Wow!!! This looks so pretty. So this is how to make this kind of nail art. I am going to try this out and hope it looks good just like this one.

  9. AWESOME! I know someone else who would love this!


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