How To Get Volume Without Teasing

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get volume without teasing

Ever since my stylist Bethany Maglicane told me that hair has an expiration date, I'm nervous to tease my tresses. I can already see a ton of snapped ends in my halo of hair that doesn't always behave. I don't want to anger it. I want it to grow and be luscious and healthy and not snap off because it's annoyed with how I treat it.  However, avoiding teasing means tons of cute styles like retro ponytails, bouffants and faux hawk ponys are out of my grasp.

In an attempt to gain serious volume without a ton of products and back-combing, I finally found a good use for my crimping iron. Here is what I did.

Begin by applying a root volumizer or hair spray where you plan to crimp. Just a little will do the trick. Avoid alcohol in your products if you want to be really gentle. Take smallish sections of hair and crimp them as close to the roots as you can, without burning your scalp. Remember, you only want to crimp the hair that you would tease, so only crimp the interior of your style. You don't want the world to see your crimps!

Let your crimped sections cool, tossing your head upside down (if your style allows) and mist a little more spray (alcohol-free, of course) on the roots. To speed things up, you can always blast your roots with the cool setting on your dryer.

Continue to style your hair as you normally would. Volume without teasing! There is a small disclaimer. Your style will not hold as long as if you teased it into a rat's nest. But if you add a little more hairspray, you'll increase the wear time. If you combine a little light teasing with crimping, you'll be good to go for days.

This is my hair with just crimping alone! My style lasted about four hours in the humidity with no additional styling products. Try it and let me know how it worked for you!

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