Best Polish For Peeling Nails

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I almost never write about my nails because they are always a hot mess. Ragged cuticles, peeling nails and super short stubs are how my nails normally are. It's hard for me to get my nails to grow instead of peel and break. Once my nails grow, my cuticles fall into place and my stubby fingers are a thing of the past. The hardest part is getting my nails to actually grow and not peel!

On a whim, I picked up European Secrets Hoofer's Choice Hoof Shield Top Coat. That's a mouthful. I've been applying it to my naked nails a few times per week for the last month. For the first time since I can remember, I have to file my nails down -- they aren't peeling off! Plus, it's less than $5!

I'm not sure why this is working so well for me, but it is. Have you tried it? What works for your nails? Share your favorites!

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  1. ahahaha your little discription on bloglovin ticked all the right boxes fo rme :') I've always wanted a big stylish sister! I only have a younger one, love her dearly but you know ... ;)
    My nails are in hell right now because I slmmed my car door on them and I've never even seen or heard of this particular treatment but now I'm feling super guilty for neglicting their care when I have drawers full of skin care wahh, going to have to get organised!

  2. OWWWEEEE!!! Did you yell "not my fault" after slamming the door on your hand? For some reason, I usually do... probably because I'm super klutzy and my mom used to say "if you'd only be more careful!" after each time I did something dumb. This stuff is really great for your nails. Welcome to the family!!! :-)

  3. Okay, I am purchasing this immediately. My nails are always such a disaster.

  4. daniirafa@hotmail.comJuly 28, 2013 at 3:44 AM

    hello :]
    can you please tell me what is the formula of this polish?
    thank you


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