Keune So Pure Moisturizing Overnight Repair & My TV Boyfriends

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I wash my hair every four days. This is great for my color and my Thermafuse treatment, but the ends of my hair get dry, not to mention the abuse they go through with my curling iron. I love to use oils and use Davines Oi each time I wash my hair. However, I've found that adding oils to my hair in between shampoos doesn't go as well.

A girlfriend suggested I try Keune's So Pure Natural Balance Moisturizing Overnight Repair. This light lotion is applied to hair overnight, giving it a chance to absorb into the hair. I've been using a quarter-sized amount in my hair each night. While that seems like a lot, my hair is fairly long, very porous and it sucks up product. This seems to be just the right amount for me. You may want to start with a nickel sized amount if you aren't sure.

Keune So Pure Moisturizing Overnight Repair

When I first apply the lotion, my hair feels as if it has lotion in it. It's not oily. It just feels like you put a lotion in your hair. It doesn't absorb immediately.

I then go to bed, to have sweet dreams of beautiful flowing hair that never gets split ends and of puppies being carried by Jimmy Kimmel. What? If everyone is making a move on Gosling, I have to aim my sights on something more attainable. As soon as he and Molly tie the knot, I'll pick someone else. Maybe I'll go back to Zach Braff.* (Side note: I've told Adam Carolla about my tv crush on his bestie. Adam's exact words were, "He knows, Kel. He knows and he feels it too." Then Adam either went back to snoring in my car or yelling at me about his driver, who he refused to actually ride with. It's a long story. Thanks to Kevin Nealon for defending me in the podcast version of this story.)

Jimmy Kimmel as a puppy
(Not exactly what I meant. I couldn't find a picture of Jimmy WITH a puppy. So instead, here is Jimmy AS a puppy.)

When I wake up, sated from dreams of puppies and Jimmy, my hair isn't sticky, stuck together or anything other than normal. There is no grease or leftover residue. It does, however, look and feel much less fried and much more happy. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself for $20.00.

*I don't know if I'm over how Zach handled getting famous after Garden State. Are you? And yes, we are discussing my TV boyfriends. Loxy is well aware of them. His tv girlfriend this week is Katee Sackhoff.

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  1. Ylang-ylang and palmarosa! I'm definitely going to have to try this... though I might not get enough sleep if it smells like ylang-ylang... hubby has a thing for ylang-ylang...


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