Tried it! Josie Maran Argan Glow Self-Tanning Body Wash

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When I first learned of this new self-tanning body wash on QVC, I was hesitant / excited / afraid to try it.  Let me explain.

I like being pale. It's my thing. I'm not skinny, I don't have great gams and I can't instant face like Ms. J.  I have nice skin, which is pale, and decent hair. Those are my "things". I don't let many things alter them. I'm really picky about what I'll test on my hair and skin. Then there is the fact that I'm happy in my lack of having a tan. So new types of products always give me pause when they are skin- or hair-related. I'm even less likely to try something that makes me tan, as I don't mind standing out as the super white chick at a party (I realize I try weird treatments on my face, but work with me, ok?).

However, I also get really excited to try new things. New eye shadows are great, but new formulations are what makes my beauty sense salivate. To my knowledge, there is really nothing like this self-tanner on the market, so I was itching to see how it worked.

I'm also a klutz, so while this looks great on the Q demos, I know that once I get in the shower, all bets are off and my ability to lather evenly is a risky prospect.

Josie Maran Self-Tanning Body Wash, Self-tanner

When I received the Self -Tanning Body Wash from Josie Maran, I promptly marched into the shower to find out what this was all about.

Here's the skinny. This newness from Josie is a self-tanner in the form of a body cleanser. (Although I'm not really how sure this cleans, so plan accordingly.) Basically, you wash, exfoliate and get ready to glow. Then you turn off the shower water. Using the sponge applicator, apply one pump of dark foam to the dampened sponge. Then apply the foaming cleanser, with guide color, to your arm/leg in even round strokes. Repeat this process for each arm or leg. Continue the process for the rest of your body.

It's a good idea to pull up your hair or place it in a shower cap to stop wet hair from causing streaks down your back and shoulders before you begin applying the cleanser. It's also a good idea to wear the enclosed gloves. Sometimes this can get a little messy and my hands got it the worst. The gloves will save your palms.

Wait for about one minute, turn the shower back on and rinse. The foam will not stain your tub and washes away cleanly. Step out of the shower and gently pat yourself dry. Using the towel to rub yourself dry will compromise your even tan, so be careful to only pat your skin.

Within a few hours, your color will fully develop.

So how did my color look? I was a really pretty light brown that wasn't overpowering or orange in any way. If I wanted to go darker, I could have applied with gloves, not the pouf, or applied a few days in a row. I did not have any scaling and the tan faded evenly. There was absolutely NO smell.

*Side note* My nose stinks at detecting pretty scents. It's why I almost never write about perfumes. But if it smells like body odor or nickels, my sniffer picks it up from ten paces. Normal self-tanners reek to me. Self-tanners that claim no smell usually have a tiny tinge of scent to me, but it's almost negligible to anyone else. I could not smell this at all.

My verdict? The on-air presenter was telling the truth when she mentioned that this product comes with a little bit of a learning curve. The first time, without gloves, my palms were really stained. I had a little bit of streaking on my legs. The second time was pretty close to perfect. If you are up for trying new things with a little bit of a learning curve, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Let me know if you try Self-Tanning Body Wash from Josie Maran and please tell me about your experience!

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  1. Did you exfoliate before applying the foam? How long did you have to wait before putting on your clothes? I want to have some color to my skin for my wedding, but don't want to bake in the sun. Can you apply this to your face and neck too? Do you use it daily? And does that build the color or let it maintain? Does sweat make it come off?

    So many questions! ;)

  2. Hi Shannon- I'm happy to answer your questions! Yes, I exfoliated before applying the foam. You can get dressed as soon as you are dry. I didn't put it on my face and because I'm super picky; I want to put something I KNOW I can control the even-ness where my face is involved. I would more likely use makeup on my face. You use this like a regular self-tanner, so you apply based on how deep you want the color. It's not like the Jergens. If you want to be deeper, apply it with gloves or apply it for a few days in a row. It is not going to come off with sweat and I didn't have any transfer issues. Application can be a bit weird and takes some practice. Ask me anything!! xox

  3. Hmm, so did you notice a color difference between your body and your face then?

  4. I don't tan my face. I use makeup for my face and only tan my limbs and my chest a little.

  5. This sounds interesting but definitely something to buy in advance of any event. I have the world's whitest legs since I haven't worn a skirt in probably 20 years and I don't wear shorts. I wonder how it would work on Casper here!

  6. I finally tried this after having it for what must be a couple of months! (eep!) :) I definitely would agree that it has a learning curve--my left shin is so streaky! The 2nd application fixed my streaky right shin, I hope the 3rd time is the charm? Otherwise I *love* the color that orange at all and no smell! The saddest part is, it doesn't seem to be available any longer on QVC :(


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