The Best Eyeliners for Summer 2013

Eye liners, best eye liners, beautiful eye linersRight now, I'm all about playful liners. Different shapes and layered colors are going to make your summer looks sizzle. Before we get to the liners, be sure to prep your lids with a good primer and put a soft nude shadow on your lid to prevent your liner from sticking to the top part of your eye.

First, you are going to need a great base liner in black. It should be waterproof, very black and long lasting. My favorites are Urban Decay's Perversion and Eddie Funkhouser's Graffiti Pencil.

The only liner that truly stays on the waterline is Dalton's Black Cream Liner. My waterline is liner-resistant and this is the only one that actually lasts.

Bright liners have been popular in the summer and this year is no different. However, instead of bright, glimmering shades, look for creamy, matte brights. It doesn't get any more perfect than Stila's Smudgestick Turquoise. Grab this one while you can, as it's not the easiest to find. Since it now seems to be almost impossible to find, check out the lovely Barrow Street from NARS. It's a beautiful matte seafoam. You just don't see that every day! I'm also currently waffling on picking up UD's Woodstock (Electric Pink) or Freak (metallic seafoam). Don't overlook Sephora's liners for inexpensive matte liners, too!

Consider switching up your lined looks by layering two shades of blue together, like Urban Decay's LSD and Stila's Turquoise. Or go for a bronze look and opt for Hustle from Urban Decay (or the Sephora semi-dupe, Flashy Brown) and layer with a bright gold, like MUFE's Gold 9L.

Eye liner swatches

Finally, try lining your eyes with glimmering nudes to make your irises really sparkle. I can't get enough of Chanel's Silver Light, Make Up For Ever's Gold 9L and Urban Decay's Yeyo.

Fast, simple and so pretty!

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  1. I love Barrow Street! I've got to check it out in person now. The Chanel Papillon collection got me obsessed with mint/turquoise eye shades but I just wasn't sure about their frosted finish. The double lining is awesome too!


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