Tarte's Summer Essentials for a Temporary Faux Glow

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New for Summer 2013 is a collection of faux bronzing tools you may not want to be without. We all know why you would faux tan (tanning for real is for handbags or ladies that want to look like one when they hit 60. I don't make up the science, I just report it in a harsh way. I still love you.). But why would you temporary faux tan?

The reasons are simple.

1. You don't have time to wait for the tan to develop.
2. You need to be tan in 5 minutes or less.
3. You like the look of a tan, but want your skin to remain able to revert to vamp in seconds.

Tarte has released a line of temporary faux tanners that are bent on saving your skin while giving you a glowing look.

 Prime, Shine & Define Tarte-To-Go Kit

First, let's take a look at their Prime, Shine & Define Tarte-To-Go Kit. This lovely collection of deluxe sizes includes an illuminating BB moisturizer, an Amazonian clay smart mascara and a clean slate poreless 12-hour perfecting primer. These little gems give you a bronzed glow and lovely lashes. Perfect for throwing in your beach bag to touch up before the evening campfire. In my mind, that is what people who go to the beach do (we all know I don't want go to there.*). I'm sure the rest of you non-shark-phobic people spend the day at the beach, reading and ogling boys and then have a campfire before sneaking off into the dunes with the cute bad boy. You'll want the fire to reflect beautifully on your skin, so pack this set and you're fully prepped (all deluxe sizes, $12, Sephora).

Park Ave Princess Bronze and Glow Matte Bronzer and Cheek Tint

Next, let's check out the Park Ave Princess Bronze and Glow Matte Bronzer and Cheek Tint. Love the color you get with Park Ave Princess Matte Powder? Then you will love the liquid version that applies really smoothly, thanks to the hydrating maracuja-infused formula. Unlike other products, you can tell there is a bit of maracuja in this formula when you apply it and especially when you wash it off. It just feels great. 

Park Ave Princess Bronze and Glow Matte Bronzer and Cheek Tint

Plus, the top of this tube is a beautiful cheek tint that gives you a slight flush of color, a la Orgasm. And while the package doesn't mention it, there is nothing stopping you from using this beautiful shade on your kisser (Sephora, $32).

Finally, let's dive into the Rainforest Glow Maracuja Waterproof Body Bronzer. This product is quite the find. It's infused with maracuja oil which makes your skin glow naturally (without a tint), leaves it super soft to the touch and it even repels water slightly--all while giving you good faux glow. To test this, I actually went out and stood in the rain (which isn't the first odd thing I've ever done to test Tarte's waterproof products) to see how this held up.

Rainforest Glow Maracuja Waterproof Body Bronzer

Here is how it fared. The color didn't run in the rain. It did slightly transfer if I blotted it while wet. It did not transfer while the product was dry. I'm not sure how it fares with sweat. The day is not long enough for me to work up a sweat to test its efficacy. The bottom line: I would suggest is that you don't wear white in the rain or during beach volleyball and you'll be fine. And don't dry yourself with a towel if you are wearing this.  Otherwise, slather yourself in this rich oil for a quick glow that makes your skin feel ah-mazing (Ulta, $34).

Take a look at the swatches to find out which product is perfect for you. While I love a good faux glow, I really love how this is making my skin feel. It's a total win-win.

Tarte Summer Essential Swatches

Have you tried a temporary faux glow? Would you? Give me the details! I need to know!

* Yes I screamed like a little girl when finding that photo. Gods, those things scare me to death. (But I would go into a shark cage if it would stop the global finning issues. I'm a water weenie, but I'll do my part.)

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  1. Hmmm....interesting. I wanna try this out. It seems easy and simple to use. Gotta try this out before our summer outing.

  2. Slightly off-subject, as this relates to not these products, but to another one from Tarte. I just came back from a weeklong trip to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. For the most part, the weather was humid, hot and oppressive. Almost Florida or Houston weather. I purchased Tarte Amazonian Clay Full-Coverage 12 hour Foundation, upon your recommendation. Let me just say, it is everything you and it claimed. It covered well, it looked extremely natural,was not chalky, and, most importantly, it STAYED PUT all day. This is without primer or finishing powder. Most days I had it on for far longer than 12 hours. To me, this has been the discovery of the decade. Thank you so much for blogging about it. It would have been completely off my radar otherwise.

    1. YEAH!!! So glad you liked it!! The weather can be oppressive here. Wait until the heat kicks in! I swear it's like walking around in a swamp! Glad it worked for you!



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