Marvelous Moxie Lips Launches This Month

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Moxie Lips Collection

bareMinerals is launching 42 empowering shades this May, all of which aim to help you show your bold side. The Moxie Lip Collection includes eighteen vibrant, full color lipsticks, fourteen super shiny lip glosses and ten liners, and all are making their way to shelves near you this month. I checked out four shades of each in advance of the official launch. Check 'em out!

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Moxie Lip collection from bareMinerals

The Moxie Lipsticks are long-wearing, fully pigmented semi-matte shades. They don't have a strong scent, the way the Moxie glosses do. I've been wearing Never Say Never quite a bit and love how long it stays in place. When paired with a Liner, it won't budge for hours and hours. The cases are a sleek, shiny black. To remove the top of the lipstick, you push down on the silver button and the lipstick drops from the case.

The Moxie Lipliners are a hard working bunch. Not only do they come with their own sharpener, they also include a nice little "grippy pad" where your fingers rest when applying the pencil. It feels softer and almost seems to give you more control over the pencil.

Moxie Lipglosses still have that odd cinnamon scent that personally isn't my cup of tea. Perhaps (I know this is why) I had a bad experience with too much Goldschlager in college and the mere thought of Big Red gum makes my stomach churn. I much prefer the minty scent of Buxom. But that's just me. These glosses are shiny, somewhat pigmented and wear best when paired with either a liner or lipstick so the gloss has something to grip to.

Check out the swatches below!

Moxie Lip Color Swatches

The Lipstick and Lipgloss retail for $18 and the Lipliner for $15. What color best describes your Moxie?

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  1. Moxie is one of my favorite brands. My favorite eye-liner is maroon one. Thanks for the review. I'll look forward to buying more from Singapore.

    Alison Clarke


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