How to Make a Braided Headband With Extensions

Let me start this post by saying this isn't going to be one of those tutorials where the end product looks like Martha Stewart, and her army of perfectionists show you how to do it perfectly. I'm clumsy and my skills are not that amazing. I'm not the greatest crafter to ever live, so let's lower our expectations, shall we?

What I do have is an abundance of hair (of the faux variety) and the pressing need to wear lovely braided bands when my own hair isn't quite long enough. So don't expect perfection. Mine are totally wearable and I'm sure you can at least do as well, if not better, than I have done.

You'll need the following items:


Faux hair that matches your head

Small plastic hair elastics

Glue gun

Sewing elastic, 3/4 or 1/2 inch wide


Bonus tips!

 If your sewing elastic is 3/4 of an inch thick or wider, you will want to cut it in half. It won't sit properly on the back of your head if the band is too wide.

When the hot glue touches the plastic hair elastics, they may snap. It's not the end of the world. Just secure them with glue when you wrap the edges around the hair.

Hairspray the braid when you're finished to help hold the hair in place. Hair that isn't perfect helps sell the braid as real!

If you want a more perfect braid, try using hairspray before you braid the hair. You're less likely to end up with a lot of little stray hairs that way.

Let this dry for a bit and you are ready to wear your new headband! Just make sure it's really dry first!

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  1. Great idea but I'm too scared to try it myself

  2. FK- It's really, really easy. Give it a shot! It's so much easier than trying to get a perfectly placed braid from your own hair!

  3. This is brilliant! I took the plunge getting a real hair weft this past winter. It had become apparent making my own extentions was the best way to go cost wise. When I'd finally made the decisions of what I wanted/needed from it and dared to cut my first sections, I knew I'd have leftover inches. I didn't have a clue on what to do with them, until now. WOW! I'll need to check if there is enough left over, or scimp on the next set of sections that I'll be cutting ; ...but what a wonderful way to get the full bang for my buck here. Thank you SO much!

  4. I clipped my daughter's long braids because she can't brush such long hair without much crying and tangles. But the screaming and tears were horrible when I sprung it on her that her hair must be cut! I may just be able to redeem myself with this project so she still feels she's wearing her hair. Thank you!!!


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