Help! How To Remove Unwanted Hair Color

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Remove hair color

I awoke on Monday to a slew of friends asking me how to fix their hair after the Color Run that took place in Baltimore last weekend. The Color Run is a 5K where they spray colored powder all over you for reasons I don't actually understand. (Then again, I don't do a lot of 5K'ing from the comfort of my sofa and don't really get running unless someone is chasing you.) Any way you slice it, this run gets MESSY.

For some of my blonde friends, the colors created a bigger problem. Stained hair.

Remove unwanted hair color

If you aren't up for being quite that "on trend", I've been looking around for a few solutions to removing the color.

My first response would be to wash your hair with dish soap. This is a HARSH detergent, which will not leave your hair feeling soft or pretty. It will remove almost anything, but you may not like how your hair feels afterwards. In fact, your hair will feel like straw, so proceed with caution or not at all. And if your hair was color treated, you can say goodbye to any of the gorgeous nuances your color previously had. Since that isn't the BEST idea I've ever had, I turned to some stylists from full service spa and salon Studio 921 in Baltimore, MD, for some much better and much more kind-to-your-hair ideas.
Remove hair color

"Yikes!!! No dish soap! That stuff may very well get the pink dye out but it's very harsh on the hair especially if it's color-treated. Mix organic apple cider vinegar in with shampoo (equal parts) for an at home clarifying treatment. It's a much more mild attempt at removing oil build up or any unwanted color or impurities lingering in the hair." - Rachel, Stylist

"It all depends on the dye used in the paint.  Some paints stain more than others.  Try this first before going to stronger methods. Mix 2 parts UNITE Weekender Clarifying Shampoo with 1 part water and 1 part baking soda.  Apply to dry hair, affected areas only. Allow it to stay on the hair for 15 minutes.  Emulsify with more water and gently massage the hair to avoid tangling for 5 minutes. Rinse and dry with cool blow dryer to judge color removal. Repeat if necessary. When satisfied, rinse and condition with the following: 4 parts UNITE Moisturizing Shampoo 1 part white vinegar allow it to stay on the hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing." - Janet Stephens, Senior Cosmetologist.

"A good clarifying shampoo will work. Weekender from UNITE is the best one you can buy to remove buildup and unwanted staining with out drying your hair out." - Amanda Wojciechowski, Stylist

Keep in mind, the above ideas are for removing accidental hair color staining, not removing hair color that you did and now regret. For that, you should seek a pro's help for corrective coloring. If you are really brave and don't care if you end up making your hair worse, I know of a few readers who have sworn by Color Oops. I'd never be brave enough to try that, though.

Has this happened to you? What removed your accidental color? Tell me in the comments!

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