Hammam Mitts & Why You Need One

Lately, I've been checking out quite a few exfoliating mitts and loving what they do for my skin. Also called Hammam mitts, these mitts have been used for centuries in Turkish and Middle Eastern baths. Known for their intense scrubbing abilities, they are sought after to help exfoliate and reveal new, healthy skin. Meant to be used in a specific way, Hammam mitts offer a way to give you skin that you haven't seen since you were a baby.

You don't use a Hammam mitt like any other bath scrubby. It's important that you begin the exfoliation process by either taking a steamy shower or soaking in a tub for a bit. Once your skin is thoroughly moistened by the steam or from soaking, use the mitt to take long strokes in one direction along your limbs. There is no need to add, and you shouldn't add, any kind of soap or oil to the glove. The gloves are made of specific materials that remove the top layer of skin evenly. Be sure to rinse your glove after a few strokes to make sure that dead skin cells aren't impeding the exfoliation.

Afterwards, rinse your skin and continue your regular cleansing. You'll find that your skin texture is instantly improved and that your skin now has a renewed glow. This kind of exfoliating also helps improve the flow of oxygen to the skin, which leads to healthier more radiant skin. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, regular treatments will reduce the amount of ingrown hairs you have to contend with. Your after shower moisturizing treatments will also work infinitely better, with no dead skin cells blocking their absorption.

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And while it won't fix the problem, I've been really pleasantly surprised by how well it makes those of us with those annoying red bumps on our arms, keratosis pilaris, which become much less noticeable and feel so much smoother. At first, I thought it was just me, but then after talking to a few people using the Come Clean Mitt, we were all at the same conclusion. This mitt works wonders.

While there are a few of them on the market, the Hammam mitt by Come Clean is definitely one of the best I've tried. Its exfoliation powers are serious, so if whether you are timid or robust with your exfoliation habits, start slowly. Oh, and please don't use it on your face. It's definitely too harsh for the skin on your face.

It's a little on the pricey side at $40 (in CAD, $38 US), but it will last for a long time and your skin will thank you. Pick it up and tell me what you think!

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