Gouldylox-Approved Hair Gadgets for Summer (Under $15!)

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I'll never forget my old co-worker Lil 'J. She wore her hair in a pony tail every single day. Sure, simplicity is divine, but experimentation leads to greatness (and the mistakes are often hilarious). Whether you have an extra ten minutes in the morning to experiment or are running late, you'll want to make sure you have these gadgets and accessories on hand to lend greatness to your daily 'do.

Remington Headband: This braided white headband looks more luxe than you'd expect for a drugstore headband. Wear it high on the head when you have your hair up or throw it on to pull back your mane. Just be sure to leave a few strands out so you don't look so done.

The Sarah Potempa The Wrap-Up: This handy little gem makes creating a top knot or chignon really easy. I mean really easy. I don't know a person who's tried it that didn't want to steal mine.

You've seen the Topstyler 30267 Heated Ceramic Styling Shells everywhere from television to Target. Is it a gimmick or does it give real results? Once you master the technique (rolling your hair around your fingers), it's easy, fast and gives really natural looking waves that tend to last. I need to add styling product to get a full day, but my hair is so thick that I'm a bad judge. Everyone I know who bought one loves it. Pick it up to add perfect summer waves to your hair for way less than the original price!

Pony Tail Cuff: You'll want to stock up on a few of these to make your French-inspired low pony tail look chic. To really sell the look. make sure the sides are smooth and snug, while the crown is slightly teased and very smooth. If you aren't up for teasing your hair, create a deep side part and keep the pony low. Aim for just below where your head and neck meet.

This last one is going to sound strange, but have I lead you astray before? Stick with me on this one. The Original Hair Doctors Detangling Comb with Rotating Teeth is be the best detangler I've ever used (the Wet Brush is my second favorite). The rotating teeth glide through wet locks, without pulling or ripping your hair. Here is where things get wonky. So the Original Hair Doctor detangling comb is around $15 online. The exact same comb is made for your dog and sold everywhere for less than $10. It's even available in different styles. While I hate to think my favorite comb is actually for my dog, I'll deal. Either way, go human or canine and you and your hair will thank me later.

Have you discovered any great hair gadgets? Tell me what you've found!

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