Frizz Free For Summer Thank To Thermafuse Smoothing Treatment

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About a year and a half ago, I had a Thermafuse treatment. I loved what the smoothing treatment did for me. My thick, coarse hair had been tamed and fly aways were a thing of the past.

Cut to about 18 months later.

(The outside layer of my hair would get more frazzeled once I went outdoors.)

Now that my hair is almost to its final length (!!!) and it's already humid on some days in Baltimore, I didn't even consider testing products. Looking for frizz control, slathering on serums and blow drying daily were just not anything I was up to dealing with.  I wanted to be Thermafused and not deal with the frizz.

I had two options. The first, suggested by my stylist, we will call a "Halo Thermafuse". When you have your "halo" Thermafused, you essentially only treat a mohawk-like section of your hair. This way, your natural texture still shows through, but the halo of frizz has been given strict orders to settle down.

The second option, which I ended up going with, was to Thermafuse my entire head. One day of a half-up, half-down style on a slightly humid day was more than enough of an excuse to do my entire head.

Wanting the treatment before my next coloring, I swiftly made an appointment at the salon next to my office, Studio 921. Why did I need it so quickly? The process of flat ironing during a Thermafuse tends to lighten your hair color. Often, it's a very dramatic lightening, so having an appointment set up and the gods of salon timing on your side is key.

I met up with Jackie, an apprentice at Studio 921, for my Thermafuse treatment. If the process of a Thermafuse is new to you, here are some key facts:

It won't straighten your hair, but it will remove the frizz and make coarse hair feel like silk.

There is no formaldehyde in this product at all.

Thermafuse uses amino acids, NOT keratin.

There is no downtime. You can color your hair the same day!

Officially, the treatment will last for three to four months, but in my experience, it's lasted much longer.

You need to avoid sulfates and sodium chloride in all products if you want your treatment to last. This means no swimming in the ocean.

There is a slight lingering smell of weird balloons that gets worse when it gets wet.

So how did my hair look before the treatment? Not too bad, but on humid days, it made me insane.

Afterwards, my hair was straight (its natural state), an entirely different texture,  and didn't have any of the usual frizz. If you look at my hair originally, you can see how coarse it was. You can also see that my hair never really returned to its natural state. It stayed mainly smooth since my first treatment.

If you are interested in going frizz free for the summer, find a salon near you that performs Thermafuse treatments. If you are in Baltimore, Studio 921 offers these treatments for about $350. Jackie as an apprentice is a steal at $200.

How do you battle frizz in warmer weather? Have you ever had a Keratin Treatment? What about a sugar smoothing treatment? Tell me how you handle your frizz!

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  1. Does this straighten hair? Thinking of trying it for a frizz free summer, but my hair is wavy/curly and I don't want to lose that.

    1. It smooths the hair. It doesn't really straighten it. My friends that have wavy or curly hair and had it done found it easier to straighten, but it was still wavy, just not frizzy. You should get a consultation to be sure how it will affect your hair, just to be sure.

  2. Great result in your hair! And you can see how much it has grown too!


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