Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Actually Dazzled Me + Half & Half

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No one can deny that I'm a makeup junkie. Just one look in my makeup "office", photo studio or  dining room will make a sane person wonder if I'm a hoarder. While I have more lipstick than anything else, foundation has to be my second favorite thing.

Clinique-CC-Cream-Review, Swatches, Clinique, Foundation-Half-And-Half

The right one can make such a difference! I'm generally not a huge fan of Clinique because (other than their Butter Shine lipsticks) they just don't usually impress me. But the new Clinique CC Cream has me ready to eat my own words.

So what does the CC stand for? Usually, it stands for color and correct, referring to lightening the skin. However, in this case, I believe the correction comes in the form of slight wrinkle reduction. While I'm no scientist, I'm not seeing any potent ingredients that would significantly help lighten discolorations. I am seeing quite a few hydrators that will really help with dull, dry skin, as well as help repair the skin barrier.

This formula is oil-free, contains a 30 SPF, won't leave the skin looking gray and even includes a darker color for those with deeper skin tones.This formula makes your skin glow, giving you truly healthy looking skin.  The formula contains aloe, caffeine, linolec acid and vitamin E. Squaline, second ingredient, is a great hydrator and  anti-oxidant. It also contains a bit of Vitamin C in a way that has been shown to help lessen fine lines and wrinkles, as well as stimulate collagen.  If you have dry skin and are looking for moisture and radiance, this may be exactly what you are looking for!

The colors available are Very Light, Light (me), Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep and Deep.
With a primer, I'm getting a full day of wear from this CC Cream, provided I don't rest my cell phone against my face.  This has become my go to favorite for the last few weeks!

Check out my Half & Half below.

Clinique-CC-Cream-Review, Swatches, Clinique, Foundation-Half-And-Half

Sorry about the weird hair. I was going for a really dramatically voluminous style that day. I suppose you can't say my pictures aren't honest. Check out the after below.

Clinique-CC-Cream-Review, Swatches, Clinique, Foundation-Half-And-Half

This is definitely my new favorite. Pick it up yourself for $35. Are you over the hype of the double letter creams or would you give this one a shot?

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  1. First of all, your hair looks amazing. The bangs were a great idea.
    Second, with respect to BB and CC creams, it just seems to be getting ridiculous. They even have them for your hair! The BB creams sold here are just tinted moisturizers with sunscreen. I have yet to find one that really wows me. The Bobbi Brown one is okay in that is is good for dry skin but the color just isn't the greatest for me. That's been my problem with most that I've tried.
    I do like how the Clinique looks on you so I plan on trying it this weekend but I don't hold out hope.

  2. I used the same hot roller clips today :D What roller set are you using?

  3. Hi E! Mine are something from Sally's I bought on a business trip. Nothing fancy. I need a good set that get HOT, but I can't find any. They work nicely for volume though!

  4. Your skin looks amazing - I might have to try CC creams now. love, love, love your hair! I am going to have to get some of these!

  5. Your hair looks amaze-balls - it's so "That Girl"!

    Looks like the Clinique works for you. I think I'm over the whole BB/CC fad though. None of them did much for me. I'm sticking with LMDB Peau Vierge or Hourglass tinted moisturizer.

  6. I work in the cosmetics department at macys and we are always showing each other our new products. This is the first product that has truly amazed me in a long time. I have seen it on women AND men of all different undertones and shades and it looks amazing on everyone. I am always skeptical and have consistently been impressed with this one.

  7. Wow, I'm surprised at the coverage! I may have to test this out! :)
    Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I just got this after seeing your pictures. I have been using (and LOVE) Dr. Jart + - the one in the gold tube. It comes in just one color, but it happens to be perfect for me - I just repurchased for the 3rd time! But...I got this as well, and I like it - a LOT! Same color as you...and I'm quite impressed!


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