Why I'm Hooked on Caudalie Divine Oil

 (Bertrand Thomas and I at the Caudalie event. Photo by Beverlee Barthel)

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At a recent About Faces Day Spa event, I had the pleasure of meeting Bertrand Thomas, one of the owners and creators of the French line Caudalie. Not only did I learn how to properly taste wine, I was also reminded of the virtues of one of the newer releases from the brand, Divine Oil. I had picked this up a bit ago and totally forgotten about it. Originally purchased for my hair, I thought it was a bit too much for me. It took a visit from Bertrand to convince me to give it a second shot.

According to Caudalie:

This dry oil moisturizes, nourishes and enhances the face, body and hair, thanks to its unique formula made with exceptional blend of oils (grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan) combined with our patented anti-oxidant Polyphenols. It envelops the skin with a subtle, floral and sun-kissed fragrance, with woody notes.

As I mentioned, I had picked this up to help with my dry hair. However, it is a very potent oil, in both scent and feel. Despite having stressed-out tresses, this oil was too much for my hair as liberally as I was applying it. Bertrand and his team suggested I try it another way.

They suggested you apply it immediately after the shower on wet skin. A few sprays on your arms and legs will do the trick. You'll barely need to rub in the dry oil as it's absorbed by the skin so quickly. They promised a light scent would linger (and that the scent was very popular with men). They encouraged me to try it after the shower, and only use the bit left on my hands after rubbing in the product on the ends of my hair.

So the next morning, I used the product the  way they suggested.


Hours later, my skin was still extremely soft. The ends of my hair look lovely, not parched and frazzled and, every now and again, I detect the scent of the oil ever so slightly.

I think I'm hooked.

If you are in the Baltimore area, stop by your local About Faces Day Spa to pick up the Divine Oil.  Caudalie's Divine Oil retails for  $49.00

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