SPONSORED: How to Hide Short Bangs


I've recently chopped my bangs and am loving them. But with some styles, I'm wishing I hadn't.
For days you might want to hide your bangs, the Warren Tricomi Salon has a really simple idea. All you need is a blow dryer, a bit of pomade, a bobby pin and headband. If you have a braided headband laying around, use that for a super easy, really pretty way to hide your bangs. Now if they only made those braided headbands for redheads...hey Amika or HairUWear! Help a red-headed sister out, will ya? Check out how to hide your eyebrow-length blunt bangs in this short video. And stay tuned for a chance to win money after the video!

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  1. Hi Kelly. Your bangs look great on you. I have bangs and I am also a redhead. I've looked everywhere for those braided headbands in red and they are not to be found. WTF is up with that? Are we some kind of sub-species that don't deserve to have hair pieces or headbands for red hair? I'm growing my hair out and I really want one of those braided headbands and clip on spiky pieces things for days when I want to change it up a little bit. But noooo.....if you're not blonde or brunette you're just SOL. As we say in the south, this just burns my butt! If you find any of these for red hair, PLEASE post the information. I've given up for now and don't know where else to look. Thanks,
    Your red headed sister in frustration :)

  2. Thank you! I don't know why we get left out of so many colors. Granted, fire engine red is hard to match, but no strawberries? No Julianne Moore colored bits? I suppose we are left to our own devices and should buy real hair from a neighborhood store, dye it, braid it, glue it and attach an elastic. Actually, that isn't a half bad idea...If it works, I'll do a tutorial!


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