Pedi-Protexx is Genius, In a Relaxed Stormtrooper Kind of Way

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Opening Day in Baltimore seems to be the official kick off for summer, so there was no better day than last Friday to go for my first pedicure of the season. If you've ever met me in person (or have followed my antics here) you know that I'm fairly clumsy. And by "fairly" I mean incredibly clumsy. You don't get the nickname "Ivanna Fallover" from just taking the occasional spill.

(They remind me of Stormtrooper sandals - you know, what Stormtroopers would wear when they were off duty, taking care of the Dewbacks.)

Needless to say, unless I spend 30 minutes after a pedicure, waiting for my tootsies to dry, I'll mess up my pedi. So I was the perfect candidate to try a new product called Pedi-Protexx.

Pedi-Protexx are genius pedicure protectors that slip on to any flip flop, protecting your fresh pedicure. Here is how they work.

Get a Pedicure.
Put On Your Flip Flops.
CAREFULLY slip the Pedi-Protexx into place.
Go about your day, until your nails dry.

While they kind of look like the tops of Stormtrooper boots, as long as you add them to your shoes AFTER they are on your feet, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a perfect pedi until your toes dry (attaching them to your shoes before you put them on your feet is NOT the way to go, I discovered). They take a second to get used to, but then you can walk normally. Be prepared for people to tell you that you're a genius while wearing them. I'm not kidding. Several people stopped me to ask what they were and tell me I'm so smart. Which is lovely in itself, I suppose!

If you hate risking a new pedi and don't mind people asking what is on your feet (and having them tell you that you must be a genius, don't forget!), definitely check these out. Pick them up for about $20.00. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for news and deals, too!

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