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COVER FX makes some of my favorite foundations. And now, they are experimenting with a whole new line of primers! One is definitely perfect for your skin type.

According to the company:

I've been wearing the SPF Protection Primer for a few weeks and really like it! It doesn't feel super slick, like so many other primers, but it does prime the skin to really hold on to your foundation. Plus, it gives you a layer of SPF protection.

I also really like the Anti-Aging Primer. This week I developed lines under my eyes that are casting a shadow I didn't have before, so I'm all about slowing down the aging process. I now know why Oprah always had that line down the (camera) left side of her face. It's making me nuts. Anything extra I can do to stop the clock is a high priority.

Finally, the Anti-Aging Smoothing Eye Primer is perfect for delicate lines around the eyes (even the ones that cause shadows!). It doesn't feel like a traditional eye primer. It doesn't feel quite so "grippy". It will extend the wear of your shadow but is better suited for your under eye area, where you place your concealer.

If you have oily skin, COVER FX hasn't forgotten you! Be sure to check out the Mattifying Primer, which should help keep the "slicks" at bay.

Have you tried these? Have you discovered a holy grail primer? Share the details with the rest of us, will ya?

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  1. Hi Kelly. Like you, I'm a pale redhead so I'm always looking for a good primer with SPF. I have one by MAC with SPF 50 and it's good but I am always looking for something even better. Cover FX makes great products so I'm eyeing this one. Question for you: I have dry skin and was wondering if the SPF 30 Protection Primer you've been using is friendly for most skin types? I noticed in your review you said it doesn't feel super slick and that's great but I'm wondering if it is devoid of any moisture. Thanks.

    1. It has silicone, so it feels slick, but isn't going to really hydrate (I dont think). However, because of the silicone, it can help create a mild barrier, keeping in your skincare.

  2. The SPF 30 primer looks very appealing to me as does the eye primer.


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