New! Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzers in Maldives and Tahiti

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Hitting shelves now from Buxom are gorgeous new bronzers you'll need to see (and smell) to appreciate.

A far cry from so many typical brown bronzers, these offer a sheer wash of actual bronze pigment, with a light coconut scent to boot! Let's take a look at these new Hot Escape faux tans!

Maldives is a rustic bronze that really adds a golden glow. This color is so popular, it is already showing as not available on Sephora's website. It's truly beautiful and if you want to fake a deeper tan, this is the shade to get.

Tahiti is a golden tan that is wonderful for fair skin tones. It's a light bronze, with a touch of tan, a true light bronze that is hard to find. My fair-skinned friends are going to want to snatch this up!

(Wearing Tahiti)

Both leave a lovely glow and are delicately scented like coconut! The scent isn't heavy enough to stay with you, but is just right if you want to be reminded of fun days (or nights) at the beach when you apply the bronzer.

Not to sound like a dork, but things have been really hectic lately. Getting ready in the morning is as about the only time where I can slightly relax until the very end of my day. I honestly enjoy the slight scent when I apply the bronzer. For me, it's a nice reminder to stop and enjoy the moment. It reminds me to be present, while making me look like I don't hibernate like a vampire (which is what I actually do).

Each sell for $28 at Sephora. I'm loving Tahiti. It's great for fair skin tones who aren't looking for a deep tan!

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