Kardashian K24 Prime Golden Make Up Primer Gelee is Konfusing

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According to the packaging, it's a Golden Makeup Priming Gelee that "prepares skin for makeup application". Like a primer, I assume. Then the directions suggest you apply it for five minutes, rinse and apply your makeup. Wha?

I've worn this as a primer and while it does hold on to the makeup, it dries out my skin. I haven't tried it as a mask, because that seems pointless. But perhaps I'll try it. Tweets to my favorite Kardashian, Khloe, have gone unanswered when I've asked her. Maybe even she isn't certain?

Have you tried this? Would you? Do you take any product they put out seriously at this point?

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  1. this review gave me the giggles, but not as much as when I first read they were doing a make-up! I mean really, sorry but I know know no one over 15 that wants to look like a Kardashian!!!!!! LOL

  2. Weirdest thing I've seen yet!!! I've seen the tube in the store but I thought it was topical glitter. I mean it had to be, right? What else could it possibly be.....surely NOT a primer?!?! Bizarr-o!!

  3. I saw an endcap at the store today and just kept it moving, no interest in their products. The pictures you posted look like the glitter hair gel I used to buy. What the hell now I wished I'd lookd at the display for the laugh

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