Gouldylox Picks for Sephora Chic Week - Save 15%!

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What are your favorites? I'm loving the Stila LE liner in Turquoise. Trust me, pick this up before it's gone!

Gouldylox Picks for Sephora Chic Week with Tarte, Clinique, Buxom
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  1. OMG....what didn't I get! 4 Two Faced Lipglosses, Two Faced eyeshadow primer, NARS primer, Two Faced Matte eyeshadow collection, Dior mascara, 2 Stila convertible color blushes, kabuki blush...and I'm sure I forgot some stuff. I've been on a big Two Faced kick, especially their mascaras. I'm sure I can find more to buy but I had better stop. Don't want to make the hubs mad :P

    1. Boy was my typing off: kabuki brush & a Two Faced eyeshadow kick.


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