Found! A Budget-Friendly Skin Cleansing Brush for Sensitive Skin!

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While I don't have sensitive skin, I understand how difficult it can be to find products that work on your skin without negative side effects. SkinClear 3D Pore Cleansing Brush with Vibration came across my desk, it wasn't quite for me, but it might be perfect if you have sensitive skin.

This brush gently cleanses skin by using a super-soft detachable brush head that rotates (partially) and vibrates, loosening debris from inside pores.

This brush is different from the more expensive Clarisonic brushes in several ways. Let's discuss:

You don't have to save up for it or wait until a holiday to ask for one - it's only $40!

You also don't have to leave a cord plugged in constantly to make sure it's charged. This brush runs on batteries! Which also makes it really easy to grab for travel.

It's smaller, lighter and takes up less space in your bathroom, so it won't steal away too much counter space.

Most importantly, the brush head is very, very different. Instead of a short, stout brush, which can be rough on skin (even with sensitive brush heads), this brush is much longer. And the bristles are very soft. This means that it cleans skin without annoying your skin.

Finally, it doesn't beep. Some people like Clarisonic's beep, others don't. I fall into the "stop judging me with your beeping camp!", so I'm glad it's not included on this brush.

If you've been looking for a brush you can afford that won't rough up your skin, give the SkinClear 3D Pore Cleansing Brush with Vibration a try for $40!

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  1. That looks like it would be amazing for sensitive skin! Thank goodness I have the toughest skin out there that can handle that most abrasive exfoliation!


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