Makeup Wars: My Favorite Spring Trend

This week's episode of Makeup Wars pits blogger against blogger as we define our favorite spring trend for 2013. Forget picking a runway trend. That stuff is hardly ever wearable. I get my trends from a more reliable place: television. Or when I really need some inspiration, I'll talk to pros on the other side of the pond.

Recently, I spent quite a bit of time being interviewed by a French company who is researching hair and hair trends. You may have noticed I'm a bit obsessed with my hair lately. Bangs, no bangs, silky smooth waves, braids, buns - you name it, I'm loving it.

Being interviewed by Perspectives Lab has made me think more about my hair and how I wear it. It's inspired me to stretch a little out of my comfort zone and let my creativity flow. This could relate to placement of braids, combining of different types of braids or even just embracing the reverse ponytail. Why do I always forget how much I love a reverse pony?

What I am really loving is the idea of the top knot, or bun, re-invented. I had (honestly) been playing with it the weekend before Shoshanna (on HBO's GirlsGirls) ever walked into Marnie's boyfriend's office party. While I'm not a fan of it on her, girls with a little more meat on their face can pull it off. It balances your look, drawing the eye upward, like a fascinator.

I saw it as silly at first, avant-garde next and then just as reinvented. Then I tried it on myself and I kind of really liked it. At first, I got a few looks from my co-workers but I bet in a day or two, I'll see more forward-placed buns!

Doing the look is easy, with or without bangs. Section your hair from the ears forward, brushing it into a smooth Sally Lou Who kind of top-tail. Move your top-tail over to your preferred position and secure it with an elastic. I like to put it where the accent on a headband would hit, but on my "main" (or opposite) hair side. Then add your knot or bun! You can do a small one by twisting and pinning your hair or use a hair donut sponge. Secure your hair in place and spray lightly with hairspray. Pretty!

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  1. I need a bun bang so I can be all awesome. I think I'll try this out on my daughter today so I can practice! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I think the bang bun is brilliant. Especially for those more formal events when you can't decide on a fascinator or a stylized up do. This is the best of both worlds. I think I'm going to give this a got at my next Parent / Teacher conference!

  3. Pink makes a great point - it's a great happy medium between a facinator & a formal do. I know I get tired of my same old ponytail at work everyday, so this will be a nice change of pace. Thanks for the idea!

  4. This is amazing! Such a Kate-ish look.

  5. I'm so impressed. I always thought it was bangs or no bangs with nothing in between. Now you've shown me the light and I shall walk into it. You look so sophisticated that I'm betting your work place will soon imitate this look.

  6. Well, that's pretty cool! I may have to play with this to see if I can pull it off as well as you.

  7. You are sooooo rocking this. Kinda mad that I cut off my hair. Oh well, I'm sure I can get the same look with a good wig, uh?

  8. This is so awesome! I love when things are multi use! ;)


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