Two Simple Steps to Shiny Hair

Looking for an easy way to get super shiny hair? I’ve found this simple combination works really, really well and doesn’t weigh down my locks.

Items you’ll need:

Goody Quikstyle Paddle Brush
Klorane Mango Oil Spray

Spray the brush lightly with the oil. Just mist it, using one pump, and let it fall onto the brush. Next, brush your hair in long strokes all over your head, with one stroke per section. Repeat to add shine, but be careful and don't overdo it! The oil and the brush work together to add just the right amount of shine to your hair without making it feel oily or weighing it down.

So simple and SO shiny. The microfibers really help hold on to the oil and distribute it evenly throughout the surface of the hair. Hair doesn’t get weighed down because such a small amount is used. So simple!

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  1. Have you used that brush as a prelude to blow-drying? Doesn't the oild build up on the brush?


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