SPONSORED: How to Style Blunt Bangs


So you've made the leap and you've cut some blunt bangs. The problem is they never look as good when you shape them as they did when you left your stylist.

Now the Warren Tricomi salon shows you the key to styling your bangs. It's all about how you blow dry -- check out the video below to find out the easy trick to perfect blunt bangs. Stay tuned to the entire video (it's less than two minutes) to find out how to win a cash prize!

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  1. I can't get this to play. What am I doing wrong??

  2. I don't know! It's playing for me...let me ask BlogHer!

  3. I got it to play...but I thought there would be more than just one way to style blunt bangs. Frankly, I was disappointed!

    1. I agree. And the bangs are not quite even. But did you enter to win money??


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