L'OREAL EverStyle Texture Series

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I generally hate putting products in my hair these days. I'm going through a bit of an OCD period, only wanting hair that is silkier than silky. I want my hair to look like Lea Michelle's in the ads. Incredibly smooth and shiny with a perfectly luxe feel. Needless to say, I'm having a hard time finding styling products that don't add a "feel" to my hair that makes my brain hurt.

I love the L'OREAL EverStyle lines -- no sulphates, no alcohol and vegan and cruelty-free. In a styling line, for me, NO ALCOHOL is the key. Some alcohols are drying and some are actually fats that are hydrating. Cetyl Alcohol is ok while SD Alcohol can be drying (depending on what it's combined with in the formula). Look at your styling products. It's hard to find one that doesn't include SD Alcohol, especially at mass market prices.

L'OREAL EverStyle Texture Series is a line to look to if you are trying to treat your hair gently while getting the styles you love.

EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray gives you a traditional salt spray without any additional drying ingredients. It doesn't leave hair feeling sticky, but gives it that beachy, sexy OOMPH you want.

The Tousle Creme is my personal favorite. I like to add it to the ends of my hair for some piecey action that doesn't leave my hair feeling really heavy, sticky or as if I can't comb it without washing it first.

Finally, the L'OREAL EverStyle Texture Series includes an Energizing Dry Shampoo without SD Alcohol! Check your ingredients, as most of the dry shampoos (especially at this price) have SD alcohol in the top four ingredients. Granted, this does have other alcohols in the mix, but they don't have the exact same drying effect on your hair as SD Alcohol.  If you use a dry shampoo often, consider making the switch!

Have you tried these? What did you think? This line is totally Gouldylox-approved!

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