Gouldylox Makeover Challenge: Girl Next Door to Kardashian for $50!

I love a makeover challenge! My good friend Marye is one of the nicest people I know. She's been a Karma Dogs volunteer for more than five years and is always up for an adventure. To date, other than my sister in law Jogo, she's the only one to take me up on the Zorbing which I adore. While I'm sure she's read my blog before, she isn't really into makeup. She's more of the cute, natural, girl next door.

(I love this girl. She's awesome!)

When Marye mentioned she was hoping to pull together a glamorous face and easy updo for a work event, I jumped at the chance to take the glam up several notches. Since Marye doesn't wear much makeup on a daily basis, we needed to pull together a look without breaking the budget and make it easy enough for Marye to do on her own. I should start this by saying that I'm no makeup artist. I do know my way around some products, but I'm no artist. I might have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve, but I'm no Melissa Street.

But can you get the full hair and makeup treatment for a glam night out for $50? I decided to push the envelope further and give Marye a Kardashian look. This means a flawless face, smokey eyes, contoured cheeks and a super shiny pout. I researched some of her looks and added up the cost of the products. They ranged from $400-600 for the makeup alone. CRAZY!

So we hit the CVS with a list of products in mind:

Foundation  Shadow  Eyeliner  Blush  Contour  Highlight  Lip Gloss  Bun Maker Mascara  False Lashes

Luckily, Marye already owned primers and brushes, so we selected what we needed, accidentally forgetting about the budget constraints. Don't act like you've never only gone in for gum and left $100 lighter. It's so easy to do! So we selected our products and marched up to the register, giggling hysterically at our attempt to do math to make sure we didn't go over our $50 budget. But when we got to the counter, our total was just shy of $75! Whoops!

(So we went $1.98 over budget, after coupons we picked up in the store. That's pretty good, considering we could not add things up correctly on our own.)

After a quick trip to the CVS kiosk to scan my CVS card, we saved big! And I even got $10 in ExtraBucks for my next trip! It's like practically being paid to shop! If you aren't signed up for the Beauty Club at CVS/pharmacy, you are missing out on free money.

When we got back to Gouldylox HQ, we spread our loot out and began the process of transformation.

We started by pulling her hair up and in a bun for an easy, easy style. Next we applied True Match foundation from L'OREAL, evening out the skin. Like myself, Marye's skin is hard to match. This is one area that might require us to exchange the product for a better option. Luckily, CVS knows that and allows returns or exchanges so you can try it out and bring it back if it isn't perfect.

Next, we added some cheeks using the Dream Bouncy blush in Rose Petal from Maybelline and sculpted them with a Physician's Formula Bronzer in Moonlight. We even added a bit of color to her brows using the darker color!  Then we moved on to the eyes, doing a basic smokey look with a touch of purple to bring out her hazel/green eyes. L'OREAL Colour Riche has some great compacts for exactly this purpose. We added a little Maybelline Define-an-Eye Liner in Black (I need to go back for one of these myself. It's so smooth and applies perfectly.)

Next, I taught Marye how to apply false lashes from Kiss (with the strings). The strings are like training wheels, and it was no surprise that Marye applied them perfectly the first time! We ended with a Revlon Super Lusturous Lip Gloss in Peach Petal that added just the right nude sparkle to her lips. The final look? Pretty fantastic!  Easy, pretty and dramatic. Plus she can do it all herself. Loxy's reaction? "WOW." Here's my favorite shot of the night.

And if anything isn't what she hoped it might be, CVS has a great return policy. While I think she'll be happy with almost everything, I think we could find a better skin match for the foundation.

The foundation looks ok in photos, but is a little off in person. Either way, CVS/pharmacy makes it easy! Below are some outtake photos from the shoot. So. Much. Fun.

(Marye isn't quite as accustomed as the rest of us bloggers are to taking close up shots of her face. So to get her in the mood, I made up some very silly stories and asked her to sing for me. I laughed so hard, I nearly tinked my pants.)

Got a makeover challenge for me? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

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  1. That's an awesome story and makeover! She looks amazing! And I do love the CVS beauty club. So many great coupons and $$ back!

  2. Wow, I learned so much from this post! 1 - I need to join the CVS beauty club! I had no idea it existed. 2 - I need to try Kiss string false lashes! I've never seen or heard of those.

    You did a FANTASTIC job with your makeover! I love it! I want to see more :)

    1. Thank you!!! You need to join the Beauty Club. I get so many coupons from them EVERY TIME I SHOP. I almost always save $5-10 each time I go in. It depends what you are buying, but between sales, instant rewards and ExtraBucks, it adds up! The Kiss false lashes are the ONLY false lashes I can always put on. I had a stylist try to teach me on a shoot and she eventually gave up. But these are EASY!

    2. I always forget about the beauty club! That's a great deal.
      Do you have a post on the Kiss lashes? I need to learn more about them! And that hot bun maker thing (not this one), the one you were talking about on Facebook? I want that one. Didn't you say that was at CVS too?

    3. I need to write about the Hot Buns!! They are huge and work best on thick hair that is shoulder length or longer. I do totally dig that one!

      Ah, the Kiss lashes. They are like a secret weapon for klutz's like me. Here's my post from a while back.


  3. No makeup artist my A$$!! She looks glam but not overdone--so, so pretty. I love the false eyelashses. I'm so depressed I don't have a CVS anywhere near me, especially now that I know about the beauty club!

  4. Pretty!!! And it looks like you both had a blast! She looks so great.

    When I lived in a small town in Wisconsin, the super friendly and helpful lady who worked the beauty area was always letting me know about extra coupons and discounts. She rocked! Now that I live near a CVS, I have to get signed up and make friends with them, too.

  5. I love the makeover! You did a beautiful job on the make up. I have a CVS right down the block from my office and one close to my apartment and I am always checking out the make up aisle. Now that I've seen your make over I want to try those Kiss falsh lashes and maybe the bun maker. I'm in my forties and a working mother of two kids and make up and beauty is my little hobby on the side, lol! I really enjoy and look forward to your blog each afternoon, thank you!

  6. I love your make over post...so fun! I really want to try the kiss falsh lashes and the conair bun maker. I am also a big fan of CVS. I pass one every morning walking to work and have a couple of them near my apartment so I am always shopping for new beauty products! Love that beauty club! Thank you for all of your ideas. I look forward to reading your blog each day.

  7. Please advise your friend that she is neutral leaning warm NOT the cool pink she's chosen. It actually looks pink on her. A common mistake when we have redness in our skin is assume cool but the yellow in a neutral warm shade will actually help neutralize it. Also that golden brown hair, those hazel eyes, the chances of her being a cool tone- slim to none.

  8. I love the difference!! She really did go from girl next door to glam. She must love you. You two got great products and great bargains. I just did a Maybelline review that raved about CVS and their extra bucks so I'm on the same wave length. Between their sales, extra bucks, the extra bucks machine and the Beauty Club it's great to shop there!

  9. She look younger than the age with that make over and look beauty. And she still didn't look so different but more youth. I love your job.


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