For Your Consideration: Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette

When this palette first hit us (I mean a group of bloggers I adore) via a pitch from the lovely PR folks, several of them were planning on passing because the colors weren't for them. I get that. The brights in the Make Up For Ever Technicolor palette are tricky at first blush. But it's a really universal palette, depending on how you use it.

You can look at this palette in a few ways. You can easily do really bright looks. I've done a green and purple look and loved them both. I've also lined my eyes with black and white liner (black on bottom, white on top of the black) and reinforced it with the shadows.

OR you can get crazy and use this as a palette of not-quite pastel colors and blend your little heart out. Mute the bright colors with the champagne shade or darken the colors with the black or brown. Mix the yelllow with the blue to get a different green that is brighter and totally different. It's all about play with this palette. So don't write it off because it scares you! Use your imagination and practice your blending skills.

You can also use the champagne color all over the lid and just pop the crease with a bright shade. Or use a bright for a liner on your lower lid to make your eyes really stand out.

There are endless uses for these shades. Check it out. You just may surprise yourself.

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