Dr. Denese Gives Serious Hydration to the Dehydrated

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I have dry skin. In the winter, it's often painfully dry. So the kind people at Dr. Denese thought they could reach out and offer some relief.

The first Dr. Denese product I've tried and fell for is the beloved HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum ($65). This serum helps lock moisture into the skin, which keeps dryness, wrinkling and creeping at bay. How? Major hydrators like Omega-3 fatty acids are pushed into the top layer of skin while dimethicone keeps them there. Ceramides, retinol and vitamin E help repair skin. Moisture levels have been shown to improve by 184% within 15 minutes of application.

When you apply this product, you'll want to wait for it to "dry down" (become matte) before adding your skincare on top of the serum. This formula is even gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The second punch in my one-two knockout routine against dryness is Dr. Denese HydroShield Dream Cream ($40). This aptly named cream is definitely on the fancy-pants side of technology. I don't exactly know how it "knows where your skin is lacking hydration", but I do know that if I apply at night, I wake up with plumped, pretty skin. Here is how the company describes this product:

This daily face cream contains Intelligent Hydration Technology that is able to find dry patches on its own and knows how much hydration to deliver to each area. This way your dry eye area and cheeks get more what they need whereas your oily T zone receives significantly less. The HydroShield Dream Cream rehydrates your skin in one single overnight session: you wake up to a plumper, dewy looking skin that has dramatically less dry lines.

The proprietary Intelligent Hydration Technology increases moisture retention; smooths and reduces the appearance of dry lines and wrinkles; rejuvenates dry, parched skin; and hydrates skin for a youthful appearance. It's designed to work in tandem with HydroShield face serum to lock in hydration and create a moisture magnet on the skin, helping to prevent moisture loss throughout the day and night.

The two products together work amazingly well together to keep skin hydrated and plump. As usual, I don't do a lot of product research before trying something new, including the price. I really want to be able to come up with my own honest, unbiased opinions based on how they perform and on the ingredients listed on the box. While writing this, I looked up the prices for the products and honestly, for the quality, I expected them to be double the price. I'll definitely be picking up more in the future.

For anyone with dry skin, these two are an excellent choice to win the war against dry (and dry looking) skin.

 Sent for review. Contains affiliate links.

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