Aveeno BB Cream is Not What I Expected (Plus Half & Half)

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I should start this by saying I'm a Brand Ambassador for Aveeno, which means they are kind enough to keep me in the loop on launches and send me friendly emails. I love the brand. I've gotten to speak with their R&D team and feel that their products are generally nice, pretty effective for their price point and trustworthy. Plus, they are actually much greener as a company than you might think.

All of the above PR love doesn't mean that I expected to really like their new Aveeno BB Cream. I thought they had likely done what MANY companies did and repackaged a previously existing tinted moisturizer as a BB cream. BBs aren't tinted moisturizers. Technically, they include some real skincare, have a longer wearing time, cover more sins and give skin a dewy, slightly different look. It's like the formula adds a noticeable freshness to the most dull of skin tones. It's easier to change the labels and packages than it is to create something new. But Aveeno's BB cream actually is a completely different formula when compared to their Tinted Moisturizer. Yeah Aveeno!

This BB Cream is only available in two shades, fair to light and medium to dark. However, it is aimed at people who are prone to breaking out. So if that is your concern, step right up!

(Wow. That must have been a rough morning.)

I found this BB Cream gave me about four hours of wear on its own, and way more with a primer and setting powder. The finish it gave me is extremely dewy and fresh* which I really like. It may not be for everyone, but I tend to like it. It also warmed my skin up a bit, perhaps more than I prefer. So be careful it doesn't go too warm on you!

This is definitely a thicker formula than a tinted moisturizer and gives slightly better coverage. Still, if you have a lot to cover, you'll need concealer; if not, then something altogether stronger. But if you want a BB cream to pop on over the weekend for your morning run to Starbucks or wherever people go that early in the morning, this might be for you.

Ulta seems to have one of the lower prices on this product, but don't forget about your savings cards at different stores. You know I love my Beauty Club Card at CVS/Pharmacy. If you've checked it out, please let me know what you think!

*By fresh, I mean plasticized. Many BB creams give the skin a flawless, fresh look, almost magazine-perfect, by putting a thin film of plastic over your skin. Some Asian BBs actually have plasticizers in the formula, which caused my skin to freak out last year.

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  1. I may have to give this a try...I'm a big fan of Asian BB Creams, and would really love to find a good one from the US.

  2. It's really nice for the price point. My current favorite is the Dr. Jart in the red tube, the Renewalist. It gives really nice coverage, the color works well and it stays the day. But it's expensive at $36 for a tiny tube. The Aveeno is a nice option if the color works for you, though!

  3. BB creams are getting really popular today. It makes your skin look better and more fresh. I want to try this one and see if it is suitable for my skin. The price is really good so I hope this one would be great for my skin tone.

  4. I've used BB creams ever since they came out. I'm not really into foundation for daily wear. I use BB creams almost everyday because it's very easy to manage.

    I like Aveeno products myself, so I am willing to check this out and see if it can match my favorite Face Shop BB cream.

  5. I bought this, and would have loved to try it, but it's too dark for me, even the fair to light. I'm not the only one who's had that problem apparently; a few people on another blog were saying it was too dark for them too. Sigh.

  6. I’m using this BB cream for 3 months now and I love it! It gives me the fresh feeling even after wearing it for four hours. Overall, I’m satisfied with it! Where did you purchase your BB cream? I got mine at Kallony.com.ph.
    ~Pauline @Aveeno Philippines

    1. This was actually sent to me by the company (I was an ambassador), but I've seen it since at the big box stores.

  7. what do you think is better if you don't need much coverage, the tinted moisterizer or the bb cream from aveeno, I have sensitive skin, and I don't like putting on creams with a lot of chemicals. Thanks!


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