Makeup Wars: Welcome to Spa Gouldylox!

This week's Makeup Wars is all about how we spa at home. In a perfect world, I would teach Loxy how to give an excellent massage. I'd have a spare room that to deck out with candles, comfy pillows (with one of those leg support bolsters) and soft music.

But I don't live in that world (Loxy and I did, however, take a couple's massage class. And he's really pretty good at it!). I work full time, run Karma Dogs, write this blog, wander aimlessly around shops and beauty aisles looking for inspiration, watch a lot of television and sometimes dust. Plus we have three adorable dogs and Beanford the Cat and none of them have their own thumbs. So despite not having my own human kids, I'm still a really busy chick.

Needless to say, pampering time is at a minimum for me. But on the right day, this is how it goes.

I'll find some music that I like to listen to. Depending on the day, it might be The Smiths, or maybe something from Explosions in the Sky (or honestly, Howard Stern). Then I'll light one of my decadent spa-like candles for a little added ambiance.

I'll throw on my little spa towel (like the ones you get when you have a facial) so I feel fancy, along with some sassy, sparkly slippers (they don't match, so don't judge. Loxy calls these my Pope shoes). I'll start by adding some glorious smelling Magnoila Huile from Leonor Greyl to my hair and give myself a scalp massage. Then I'll wrap my hair in a towel that has been warmed. This is probably my favorite part. (Why don't spas offer head massages with oils? I would pay for that once a month MINIMUM.)

Moving on to the facial portion of my spa day, I'll begin by double cleansing my face with my Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil. My favorite esthetician always reminds me of the importance of cleansing twice. Next, I'll lay down on some comfy pillows with a warm washcloth on my face to open my pores.

Then, I'll use YBF's Prep Microdermabrasion to really remove the dead skin so my face is radiant. I apply a messy, but very effective layer of the Clear Improvements Mask from Origins. This mask is amazing for really pulling out the gunk (sexy to think of it that way, isn't it?). To follow up, I'll want to apply some beneficial hydrating mask to replace any moisture that was just removed. The best I've found is by First Aid Beauty, whose Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask is amazing. I've tried a lot of them and this is by far my favorite.

My at-home spa day ends by jumping in the shower to rinse the oil out of my hair, followed by shampooing and conditioning with It Factor Beauty. I'll exfoliate my body with Go Slough Yourself from Beautisol and finish with a nice layer of lotion. Right now there are two that are making my dry skin sing: Suave's newly reformulated Skin Solution Body Lotion and Vaseline's new Spray and Go Moisturizer for Dry Skin.

How do you spa at home? Check out how the rest of the Makeup Wars team does it by clicking on the tiles below!

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  1. You need to send this article to your personal masseuse so maybe he'll get the hint! I'm just about ready to do another YBF Prep Mask, I'm glad you reminded me.

  2. I absolutely heart YBF scrub. It is one of the best!!

  3. I love a good hair oil - I don't understand why more places don't offer that either. We have a business plan! Instead of "DryBar" we can be "OilBar". We'll make MILLIONS, I tell you.

    1. I'm in the market for a new business venture. We should totally open OilBar. GENIUS!

  4. OK, blogspot ate my comment with the help of a catpaw! I have purchased Leonor Greyl (great name) Revinescnce shampoo and Huile de Palme and Huile de Magnolia. My spa day will start with my long hair coated with some Huile de Palme and then magnolia makeup remover. Hop into the shower to rinse and shampoo with Revinescence and then treat my face to Perricone Cleanser using my Clarisonic. A nice scrub down with Lush's Rub, Rub, Rub followed by Ro's Argan body conditioner and I am out of the shower in a fluffy robe. After the shower, the L'Occitane Immortelle creme masque for my face and Skinactive Scientific Dream Cream for my body. Then I need a good disaster movie on SyFy and a bottle of champagne with some Chambord for the occasional splash:)

    1. GOOD CALL on the disaster movie. You can't go wrong with a disaster movie on SyFy. And honestly, the worse the VFX, the better!

  5. I really like your picks! I especially wished you had a picture of your fancy slippers!

  6. They are hidden in the corner! Pink sequin glitter loafers!!

  7. The Microderm abrasion from YBF sounds good!


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