Yes To Carrots Helps Me Get Over My Carrot Aversion

Sometimes I wonder how I get through life. Like when I can't figure out fairly simply math to save my life, or how I'm the only person on the planet who couldn't work that Perfect Pancake flipper thingy without splattering batter on the  cat (true story!).

This is one of those times where I just don't understand why I never tried the skincare brand, Yes To Carrots. Most likely answer? I don't like carrots. Honestly. That is the reason. I hate them cooked and I don't think it's possible to get them clean without skinning them. This bothers me with carrots but not with potatoes. I don't understand either. So just go with it.

Yes To Carrots isn't just about carrots, though. They also have Yes to Blueberries, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Grapefruit! I like those!

Either way, I feel like I've been letting my distrust/dislike of carrots (they always seem dirty to me) get the better of me. Now that I've clearly grown as a person, let's discuss why I'm in love.


They had me at Yes to Grapefruits Facial Brightening Cleansing Towelettes. Make no mistake. These aren't wipes. They are far, far juicier cousins of wipes. They smell beyond amazing and even contain skincare! Made without parabens and chock full of grapefruit to cleanse and brighten the skin. These towelettes are thicker, have a slight texture to exfoliate and to remove everything and they smell fantastic. I don't want to be without these. (Unless I have a travel pack. Then I'll be ok for short periods of time. I'm kind of not kidding.)

I'm also in love with the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Daily Moisturizer. It smells like a clean, refreshing spa treatment, while hydrating your skin and prepping it for the day ahead. I'm keeping this as a part of my daily regimen well after my testing phase ends.

Clearly, I'm new to the brand and still experimenting. What should I try next? Which is your favorite? Tell me! I feel like such a rube that I haven't tried this brand before because of my carrot issue!

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  1. My FAVORITE chapstick is Yes to Carrots...but they stopped selling it at local stores...bummer:(

  2. I loooove the Yes To Blueberries wipes and the new Yes To Grapefruit ones. Swear by 'em. (And you are not alone in your carrot hate.)

  3. I like the yes to blueberries nighttime moisturizer. It's heavy so if you have dry skin like me, you'll awake with baby smooth skin. The only downside I have a little issue with is the scent. It's a pretty strong rose type scent. If that won't bother you and you need something heavy, give it a try.

  4. I have really dry skin. I'm going to order that and the SPF today. I am really liking this line!

  5. I'd love to hear how you like the YTB nite time moisturizer :D BTW, have you ever tried Jose Maran's moisturizer/spf 40? As a fellow Melasma follower, it's my HG (at least for the cooler months). It's a great mineral based spf .

    1. Do you mean Josie's Argan Oil SPF? I have tried it. I really liked it. It's great for when my skin is really dry or I'm outside a lot.

  6. Yes, that's what I meant :) Not sure I'll be able to do it during the warmer months. The only thing is I have to wait a good amount of time before I can apply mu. What do you use during the summer months?
    Back to the Say Yes line, I did try the Cucumber spf. It was alright I suppose. It also had a pretty strong floral scent (although not rose).

  7. My go-to is Jan Marini's Antioxidant SPF. It's my favorite. I also love the Anthelios SPF with the Primer. Lately, I've been using something by Simple Beauty, I think? I tried a Dr. Denese SPF this morning that had a tint, which I thought I wouldn't like, but it was similar to the Anthelios and made my makeup go on really nicely.

  8. I've yet to try Jan Marini's spf. I guess it should be next on my list, thanks for the recommendation. I've used Anthelios in the past but it was the Euro version. I've not tried anything Dr. Denese yet either so I'm glad to hear it worked for you.


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