What Kate Upton Used to Protect Her Hair On The SI Shoot

While I normally don't care about these things, I'm a little fascinated with the Kate Upton SI cover that was recently took place in Antarctica. Forgetting the fact that Kate herself said her sight and hearing were failing because her body was shutting down in the sub-zero climate, she managed to look curvy and gorgeous. (Although it almost looks like she is on a backdrop, doesn't it?)

When one of my favorite hair brands gave me the details on how the stylist managed to style her hair and avoid damaging her golden tresses, I knew I needed to be in the know. Of course, it's no surprise that Leonor Greyl has the conditioning sprays and huiles to revive your frozen locks, even WHEN YOUR BODY IS SHUTTING DOWN. I've been a huge fan of their oils and conditioners forever. I'm glad to know I no longer have to worry about what will save my hair if the temps ever dip that low. With meteors hitting the earth these days, who knows what is next? I want to be prepared

So, straight from hairstylist, Peter Butler,  here are the details on how to get Kate's hair. 

 Celebrity hairstylist Peter Butler has been working on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for several years and is a seasoned pro when it comes to working in all kinds of weather conditions!  That knowledge came in handy when he traveled to Antarctica for the shoot of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover with Kate Upton.  Peter used Leonor Greyl products to create Kate’s look and provided us with a breakdown of how he did it!

“It was a real challenge, the first day we arrived there was a blizzard and I was just thinking that it was all going to be a disaster. Thankfully, the next five days there was sun every day!

To create Kate’s look for the cover, I applied Leonor Greyl’s Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice and then began blowing out her hair with a large round brush.

Then, I applied the Spray StructureNaturelle all over and began curling big sections of her hair with a large barrel curling iron.

With the temperature in the teens, hair that is highlighted or colored can become extremely brittle, so LeonorGreyl’s Éclat Naturel was the hero product of the day.  I used the Éclat Naturel after brushing her hair out to soften it up and give some separation. In the frigid weather, the cream actually ended up turning into more of a paste because the formula is so natural.  It worked out perfectly since it was so dry there that it was almost like working in the desert.  The Éclat kept the hair manageable and didn’t get greasy or anything.  The hair just drank it up!

Lastly, I set her hair with the Leonor Grey Lacque Souple and also used it to maintain the look throughout the shoot.

At the end of the day, we did a double treatment with the Huile de Magnolia and then the MasqueQuintessence.  These products are the best conditioning formulas!”

Leonor Greyl products are available at www.leonorgreyl-usa.com.

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