Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette vs. Naked Eyes Palette

Too Faced recently launched the Boudoir Eyes palette. They've updated the case, ditching the cardboard for a really cute, slightly smaller, metal tin. It still includes nine shades and all of them give you a sultry look. I believe the shadows are actually the same size as previously, but the case itself is smaller. At first blush, I thought this collection contained several similar colors in the Naked Eye collection. Almost as if they had just switched around several of the colors and called it new.

While they are similar in that they are in the nudes family, they are also pretty different. Take a look at my (well-loved) Naked Eye Collection and the new Boudoir Eyes:

Now take a better look at the Boudoir Eyes Collection:

Are they similar? Yes. Do you need them both? I suppose it depends. I really like the Boudoir Eyes and I think it offers up looks different from the other "Naked" palettes that are so popular right now. I also really like the shimmer in these powders. Plus, it's hard to mess them up and not get a smoldering look.

When swatched together, they are very different in pigmentation and shimmer. So I would vote yes, you should probably get Boudoir Eyes, even if you already own the Naked Eyes Collection.

I bought this myself. I love the Too Faced Palettes and this one is no exception. Have you picked this up?

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  1. So glad you posted about this, thanks! I've been curious about the Boudoir Eyes palette because I love those shades, but I hate how they repeat three colors from the Naked Palette. Between this and other palettes I have from them, I have too many Satin Sheets! (Good thing it's a lovely color ;).

  2. I like the Boudier shades better. Lovely!

  3. I regretted getting rid of my naked palette. I always got a great easy look from it and now that it is no longer sold, I was looking for a good replacement for similar looks. Thank you!


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