Revlon COLORSTAY Polishes are All You May Need

I'm not a polish fiend and I'm not someone who changes her polish every other day. If I can find a polish that stays on and doesn't chip, like a gel, I'm happy. But the at-home gels haven't done it for me and I hate to soak in acetone to get them off.

I tried the Revlon COLORSTAY and didn't think anything of it. I was a greige polish and it looked great. For about 10 days. TEN DAYS. Then I noticed that I had some growth and should re-polish (told you, I'm not a nail girl).  I figured it was a fluke and picked up Fall Mood, an incredibly shimmery light golden bronze. This time, I got a solid week out of it, before I started picking at the cuticle end, where there was new growth. The edges were still solid and beautiful.

I should mention that this was before I picked up the clear top coat. When I use the top coat, I've gotten another day or two out of the mani. My nails are growing out faster than the polish is wearing off of the edges. Insane.

COLORSTAY polish seems to be this energizer bunny of nail polishes. If you want the convenience of an at-home polish, one that wears like a gel and removes in one or two swipes, this may be the only polish you'll need.

Pick it up at CVS using your BeautyClub Card and save! It's this only place I'll buy drugstore beauty. The best part? If it's not for you, it's easy to return. You'll be amazed at what you save!

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  1. Just wondering about the dry time. The one thing that I love about my home gel kit is that I am truly done and ready to mangle my nails in 30-35 minutes of fuss. Still hate removal, though.

    1. I didn't notice anything about the dry time being any longer than a standard polish, but my friend Erica has noticed the cream colors take a little longer.


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