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Beauty Blogger Packing

 (This is a small sampling of how I packed two years ago, on a trip to LA. It's mainly haircare with a few masks thrown in.)

This week's Makeup Wars is about traveling. Some bloggers have it down, like gal pal Anne Houseman of BeautyXpose, who has all of her beauty products in the right bottles and sizes, ready to fly. Then there are those like me, who travels like a hot mess. A hot, beautifully prepared mess, mind you.

I have a skincare bag that always gets packed. This is overstuffed with my Jan Marini Skincare Management System. These starter size bottles are perfect for traveling, don't take up much room and can be easily refilled (depending on the product) from my larger containers at home. I also take a hair oil, some kind of cleansing conditioner, a mini hairspray, lash growth product (right now, it's Latisse), lip balm, body wash, razor, tweezer, and an assortment of bobby pins, combs, spiral pins and clips.

Then there is the makeup bag. I'm a little embarrassed by this one. It's huge. I don't plan what I'm wearing, I throw whatever I want to try, staples, brushes and things that tickle my fancy the morning of. It usually barely closes.

While I've been known to drag along hot curlers, irons, and other assorted gizmos, I never quite remember to bring a dryer and then get furious when the dryer in my room isn't hot/cold/fast enough.

Needless to say, going away for a three-day weekend usually requires a large suitcase that needs to be checked. So much for Loxy and I sharing suitcases. I'm not great at rolling my clothes or packing them in tissue paper (it avoids wrinkles) or planning exact outfits with coordinating makeup. I'm more of a "hey, I might need this," kind of girl and throw everything in. What can I say? Over packers of the world UNITE!

How do you travel? Any great suggestions? See what the other soldiers in Makeup Wars have to say below!

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  1. You are an example of how I usually pack. I don't even know how I kept it so simple this time.

  2. Girl after my own heart! You pack like me!

  3. I have never ever gotten the tissue paper trick to work for me, so I don't even bother.

  4. I always forget my hair dryer too, lol! Probably because it is always the last thing I try to pack before I head out the door. :)

  5. I'm pretty good about packing makeup/skincare now clothes is another issue entirely!

  6. I'm the same way- I overpack at the last minute b/c I worry that I'm going to forget something or be without something I really want.

  7. I tend to make sure my makeup bag fits into my purse, and my zuca bag goes into my carryon. I'd rather have to replace clothes than my makeup and skincare since I'm so finicky.

    I love seeing what you pack!

  8. I'm joining you in Overpackers. I keep thinking "Oh I'm going to need/want this". My last trip I took about 10 lip products not counting lip balm and bought more on the trip. I've given up trusting anyone elses hair dryer - my hair can stay wet all day if I don't use a powerful dryer.

  9. You've packed a lot, sista but hey - a lady needs choices!

  10. I pack makeup like you! I always think about being organized but somehow it never happens. THere's always a new product that I might want use, might want to do my nails, or...something. My clothes are pretty organized though.

  11. Seriously, you pack as much as I do! I don't feel so badly. :D

  12. More cute bags! I have seen so many in this series!!!!

  13. I way overpack, too! It's so hard trying to figure out what you'll need in a different climate -- and to be prepared for casual AND dressy situations...

    Pencils are my travel friends! They don't leak or break. ANd they're compact.

    Of course, space saved by using pencils quickly gets filled with skincare...

    I'd rather overpack than go without...


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