Le Metier de Beaute Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo

I turn forty in less than a month. I’m a little terrified, a little excited and a little sad. I’m trying to convince myself that 40 is the new 30, right? Sadly, the crow's feet and lines extending on to my cheeks do not agree. While I’m lucky that I don’t have a huge amount of fine lines, I’m definitely developing more than I would like around my eyes (and forehead).

I’m not ready to try something more permanent, but I would like some over the counter help.


Enter Le Metier de Beaute Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo. Each package comes with two, clear, self-adhering patches that cling below your eyes. They couldn’t be easier to use. You cleanse your face, apply the patches, wait 15 minutes and remove them. If you aren't in the mood to wash your face (or are on your way to meet up with an ex and want to look stellar upon arrival) don't bother! You don't HAVE to wash your face. Just apply under your eyes and go about your business. Thanks to the seaweed-based formula and the intense moisturizers, the area under your eyes looks instantly refreshed. I’m talking notably refreshed. Pictures don’t lie!


The best part of these duos are that you can take them or wear them anywhere.  Driving home from work? Cleaning the house? Checking email? Flying? They are clear, and while visible, won’t make you look like a crazy person. I am taking mine on a trip to Florida for my sister-in-law’s wedding and plan to wear them on the flight. They feel cool and refreshing and the after is pretty great.

Granted, this isn’t a permanent fix. But in a pinch or for special occasions, you may want to keep these Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duos in your bag of tricks. One box contains 8 duos and retails for $150.00. If you happen to go to the Neimans in Tyson's Corner, stop by and tell them you read about this on Gouldylox, will ya?

If you aren’t from my neck of the woods but want to order from a real person, please give Lisa Corsino a call at  703-761-1600 x 3289 and tell her Gouldylox said hello! (LMdB is making us bloggers compete, so please be sure to mention my name. If you read more than one blog post about this product when deciding, mention us both! Thank you!)

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