Foundation Half & Half: Revlon Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector

Revlon-Photoready-Foundation, Foundation-Half-and-half, Review, Revlon-BB-Cream-review

Everyone who is everyone has a BB Cream or two up their sleeves these days. Revlon is no different. Well actually...they are. At least a little bit different. Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector isn’t a tinted moisturizer, like so many other BB creams on the shelves at the pharmacy. I find this one to be thicker, creamier and to give more coverage than most drugstore BB Creams. Take a look at my half and half.

Revlon-Photoready-Foundation, Foundation-Half-and-half, Review, Revlon-BB-Cream-review
(Wearing Light)

Not bad, right? The coverage lasts for a full work day, which is something tinted moisturizers don’t do. It gives more coverage than your average drugstore BB Cream and it blurs fine lines and imperfections. It gives me dewy, close to perfect skin. Plus, it boasts a 30 SPF, which I’ll almost never turn down. (SPF can reflect strangely in photos, so if it’s a big day, make sure your foundation is SPF free, or do a screen test first.)

This product lack the skin care that a BB Cream should offer up and it has no whitening properties, so it's not quite a BB Cream by technical standards. However, the Revlon Photoready BB Cream makes your skin look like you are wearing a much higher end product at a much lower price. I'll take it! Revlon's Photoready is only available in three colors, so if BB creams normally ignore your skin tone then sadly, this one probably does as well. The colors available are Light, Light Medium and Medium.

For a drugstore BB, it’s pretty great. Even better, pick it up at CVS Pharmacy and use your Beauty Club Card to earn towards rewards. Don’t forget to check your Beauty Club Card at the scanner for additional coupons. It’s my favorite way to save!

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  1. Looks good. I like the SPF 30 in it. I'll be trying this if the Light works out for me.

  2. Replies
    1. "Shopped"? Do you mean Photoshopped? It's not. But I'm flattered you think my photo looks that good! :-) Here is the original photo, straight out of the camera.

  3. Yes! I bought this when I first saw it and it was my first BB, but wasn't expecting it to be tradional so I was really pleased with it. My face is red and it tones it down to my regular skin tone. Without flakey dry aftershock like if I were to use concealer or foundation . I am super stoked to have something light for spring/summer. (as for traditional bb cream skin79 gold is wonderous) The revlon is worth a shot if its coupon/sale time or your store has a good return policy. I'm so glad to see it work well for someone else :)

  4. Wow! That looks great on you :)

  5. I wanted to try this because I've heard this has had better coverage but Revlon foundations tend to break me out. I am surprised how well this does cover such a shame I won't try this. I do love Lumene's BB cream. That doesn't break me out.

  6. Hiya. The commercial for this product really intrigued me. Your post sold me. So I picked it up yesterday. I gave it a go this morning in a test drive and waited to see if it would set. It didn't and my half n half face didn't look quite as good as So, I'm wondering on how you'd applied this. Did you set it after you were done putting this on? As of now, I can't see moving forward with this product unless it's set. Then I'll try it again on a day I know I'll be home. Thanks for eveything you do. I really enjoy your blog!

  7. I haven't seen a commercial for this one yet. I'm curious! I have DRY skin, so I don't often wear a setting powder. When I do these posts, I don't wear anything other than the product (and skin care). No primer, just my skincare, SPF and a little painters tape to help me get the line straight. ;-p Maybe your skin is different? Have you tried setting it?

  8. Are you wearing light in this picture? It looks amazing on you! I am extremely pale, and worry it might be too dark for me.

  9. Hiya. Thanks fo getting back to me. Oh painters tape, that's funny. I'd wondered how you got that straight line! I've had nothing but dash n go days this week. I hope to try it again tomorrow and yes, I'll be setting it. I may of also had on too much moisturizer but can't clearly remember. Heck, I couldn't tell ya what I had for breakfast! If I get a different app in trying this again I'll let you know tho! I do have dry skin and I am always looking for something I can layer under my foundation for extra moisture because where I work it's impossible to stay hydrated and the environment is a killer on my skin.

  10. Kelly, I really like this, thanks to you. I wonder if you use powder to set it (in real life)? I tried and it made me feel dryish. Maybe I can give it a try without anything extra, besides more SPF/moisturizer.

    It looks really, really lovely on you. But then again, I think anything would. ;)

  11. I'm glad you like it!! Sometimes, I'll set it with the new NARS setting powder, which doesn't feel like anything on the skin. (to me)

    You are too kind, btw. I can promise you, loads of stuff does not look good on me. Including everything made by Almay.


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