FOTD: Very Wearable Technicolor

I really liked this look, which blends great skin (it's not me, it's the foundation), lush lashes and a bright eye.

Chanel Illuminating Makeup Base: I'm loving this primer. It helps my makeup stay the day, while brightening my skin. It's not too dramatic, but it gives the skin a subtle glow.

Armani Maestro Foundation (#2): I know this foundation is really polarizing, but it works wonders on my dry skin. Just be sure to hydrate first. Using a great primer helps it go on smoothly. This foundation is lasting perfectly until I take it off. I'm kind of in love. (But if you have a lot to cover, I'm not sure you'll love it as much as I do.)

Armani Maestro Concealer: This still blends beautifully and has the weight of water. 

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush: This blush is my go-to shade lately for a hint of shimmering flush.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer: It's one of my daily go-to choices.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Shadow Palette: I put the white shade on my lids and the blackest of matte black shades in the crease. Then I covered both with the lilac shade. Perfectly bright and dark, with a matte monochrome look. If you thought this palette wasn't for you, look again. It's a lot of fun!

I've doubled up on mascara, using Avon's Super Extend Infinite Mascara (it's new, it's orange and it's amazing!) and Maybelline's Rocket 'Volum Express for really, really long lashes. I love both of these on their own, but layered, it's a magical combination that doesn't budge.

I need hydration! I'm wearing Yes To Carrots in Soft Plum Color Balm. It wears like a lip balm with more color than you might expect. It fades evenly and keeps your lips lush.
Have you tried the MUFE Technicolor Palette or the Armani Maestro Foundation? Like it or lump it?

I bought this and some was sent to me for review. Article contains affiliate links.

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  1. You are So Gorgeous in this look ! I think this is the best I have seen you yet - I always learn something from your site - thank you !

  2. Thank you! The shadow palette is really, really fun to play with!

  3. I have no problem wearing bright colours, but, I *love* the layering idea, putting the black and white on first and then the pop of colour. It's almost like contouring for your lids! I hadn't thought of doing that before so thank you for putting the idea out there.


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