Five February Favorites

1. Hevia Renewing Hand and Body Cream: This cream got rid of my eczema, healed my dry, cracked skin and made my cuticles look human again. I can't say enough out how this cream transformed my hands! If you could roll around in a vat of it, I would highly suggest it.

2. Cherlyn Purifying Cleanser: This all natural cleanser restores the skin's pH balance, so you never need to use a toner. It's safe for sensitive skin and even works for those with acne. It smells lemony and leaves the skin feeling soft.

3. Monica Hall Organic Face Lift: This mask makes skin look more firm by increasing blood flow, deep cleaning the pores, boosting radiance, brightens the skin and detoxifies the skin to give you a youthful glow. I'm not sure it's tightening my facial muscles, but my skin definitely glows afterwards!

4. Prep by YBF is the best mask for erasing dead skin cells,  fine lines and getting beautifully textured skin. You can't help but become addicted to this scrub / mask duo. It's creamier than ever before and leaves your skin feeling like you've just left an exclusive day spa.

5. Mandarin Marine Moisture Mask by POE: Winter skin is so hard to deal with. This mask adds moisture, making skin feel better and look plumped. It helps to tone and clarify skin, while improving the texture.

6. Baby Butt Primer: This primer from Addiction NV smells minty, evens out your skin, giving you a flawless canvas to perfect. A little goes a long way and the smell is great for putting a little pep in your step in the morning!

7. mark's Make It Rich Lip Color Crayon in Peony: Pink lips are IT. While it's hard for us peachy girls to adapt, some colors make it easy. Peony from mark wears beautifully and is such a pretty color that never falls flat.

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  1. Ooh I wonder if they Hevia would get rid of the eczema on my face? I have the serum but not this cream.

  2. It's worth a try. It worked miracles on my hands! I've got high hopes for help with the red bumps on my arms, but only time will tell.....

  3. My fave beauty secret will always be white strips. has them on sale with promo code OralCare!!


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