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It’s been a while since I did a post like this, so I figured it was time. I get a lot of products in the mail and there isn't time in the day to cover all of them. But that isn’t to say that some of them aren’t really interesting, kind of interesting or just so strange you need to know about it.

First up, the Hoo-Rag. I don’t know why, but whenever I put it on, I want to yell "Whoo-dee-whoo!" in a high-pitched voice. More importantly, what is a Hoo-Rag? It’s a nifty little head scarf, seamless bandanna, balaclava, Audrey Hepburn wrap, whatever-you-want-it-to-be bit of fabric you wear on your head.  Want to wear it like a pirate? Easy. Want to wear it as a scarf, go for it. Headband? Yup. It does that too. Wear it when riding your motorcycle, skiing or when you don’t want your hair to move. It’s got you covered and it comes in pretty patterns. Pick one up for $15.

From the Fringe files and in need of some love, is a product labeled only as "grows fingers eye cream" in my "to write about drafts". You see, it’s a cream that was originally created to help re-grow digits for wounded soldiers but surprise! It has other benefits that make you look younger. I didn’t receive a large enough sample to actually test this for very long and I can report in the short time I tried it, I did not grow fingers out of my eyes (below my eyes, technically) and my fine lines did not get any worse. DermaLastyl uses a synthesized human elastin that is meant for use on the battlefield, but helps reduce signs of aging when not applied to a wound.  I have high hopes that scientists can one day regrow fingers and damaged tissue and remove wrinkles, because that blows my mind. Is this the answer? I don’t know, but I hope it is. Try it for yourself for $89. I'm so intrigued by this, I'm going to see if I can give it a full trial and report back in the upcoming months.

Finally, let’s discuss  Concreta by Zents. Zents is a lovely line of luxurious lotions, potions and creams that make your body smell amazing and your skin feel like a baby. Concreta is my favorite discovery in the line. It’s actually a small (and heavy) block of artisan-carved soapstone that contains a little spot of intense moisture balm in the middle. Shea butter and coconut oil make this a heavenly blend for really dry spots, available in several of their signature scents. Personally, I love the Fresh scent. BONUS: This doubles as a nightstand weapon that is perfect for any crime committed in the game of Clue. Check it out for yourself for $36.00.

All products were sent for review.

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  1. The Concreta is so unique, and the packaging would make a cool secret storage spot after all the balm is gone.

  2. I'm glad to see the Zents review. I've fallen in love with the SUN oil scent and have looked at the products several times. The concreta was the product that interested me the most, but I didn't know if it was worth the price. I think I will definitely purchase it after seeing this! Do you think this would work well as a foot (heel) balm?

    1. The Concreta is pretty great. It would depend on your heels, though. If you have really, really, really tough heels, it might not be enough on it's own. If you have regularly rough heels, it would make your feet softer - apply it and sleep with socks.

  3. Okay, so if you still have problems with undereye lines, can we assume that the Palovia system was a bust? I bought it based on your reviews, but it was a total fail for me, and it sounds like it was for you, as well....

  4. It wasn't a fail for me whatsoever! My before and afters were exactly as shown. However, I stopped using it to test other products, so my fine lines are still there. As of right now, they are SLIGHTLY better than the before and after photos in the review http://gouldyloxreviews.blogspot.com/2012/05/palovia-before-and-afters-results-plus.html.

    Jan Marini's Regeneration Boost made them slightly better, but I still have lines. I'm hoping to find a holy grail product (besides that Perricone that worked miracles for me) that erases all lines, but so far, that hasnt quite happened.

  5. I'm really tempted by the Concreta (possibly Fresh or Water) but I have so many lotions, balms, lip balms, and oils already...also very tempted by the Wash, and maybe the Lotion. Are the products really that high quality?

    1. I think they are really nice. Personally, I'm a cheapskate on lotions but just spent $50 on a face oil from Fresh. I suppose it depends what you like.


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