Makeup Wars! What Do I Actually Buy and Buy Again?

Beauty bloggers tend to get a lot of products to try. So many, in fact, you hear the phrase , "you'll never have to buy XX for the next 50 years" almost as often as a trip to Sephora. However, that isn't true at all. Here's why:

1. A lot of the stuff we receive is never blogged about because it's not up to snuff.

2. Trends change and I may not own anything in that exact shade of Emerald, thank you very much. I clearly need to TEST that shade of Emerald, so I must buy the entire Pantone palette. It only makes sense.

3. Almost no two colors are the same. Think they are? Go shopping with myself and Abz and we'll give you a lesson on why no two taupes are the same.

4. Makeup does expire, so it needs to be replenished.

5. Sometimes, you just need to believe that a new lipstick in a different color holds life changing possibilities.

So with all that said, what do I actually buy and buy again?

1. Makeup palettes from Pantone and Too Faced. I love them. I know Pantone is a house brand from Sephora, but their palettes are gorgeous and the shadows are great. Too Faced is one of my favorite brands. I buy more Too Faced than any other brand.

2. SPF. I buy SPF by the bucket. I'm really picky about it, so when I find one I like, I pick it up whenever I see it. My favorites to repurchase? Jan Marini Antioxidant Face Protectant SPFSpecific Beauty SPF 30 and Anthelios SPF 50 Primer. Jan Marini is hard to score a deal on, but the La Roche-Posay Anthelios is easy. Go to CVS, scan your beauty club card, then go to the little desk near the La Roche-Posay section and look for the brochure. Snag a coupon from there. If you're lucky, you will have gotten $5 back from your club card and another $5 from the coupon. SWEET ACTION!

3. Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm so picky about what I'll use on my hair, I tend to hit bottom and repurchase often. I've been known to stock up on It Factor and Wen.

4. Face Wipes. I buy facial wipes to cleanse my face, remove makeup and assist me when I'm shooting photos. My favorites? Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes and Target House Brand Baby Wipes.

5. Mascara. I buy a lot of mascara. I don't often re-purchase the same mascara, but I like to try and try again. I have repurchased They're Real by Benefit, Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte and Urban Decay's Primer Potion for Lashes. And RevitaLash. I've repurchased RevitaLash several times.

6. I always go back to Jan Marini's BioGlycolic Face Wash. Always.

7. Viviscal. If you want longer, stronger, healthier hair, Viviscal is what you want. Trust me on this.

What about you? Do you stick to favorites or try something new? Check out what the other Makeup Wars bloggers can't live without by clicking on the tiles below!

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  1. I love me some makeup wipes, too, but I am a Yes to Cucumbers girl. I may need to try those Aveeno, tho.

  2. I'm with you on Jan Marini sunscreens! My facialist got me hooked on the new Jan Marini Physical sunscreen with SPF 45. Would love to try the Bioglycolic cleanser as well...

  3. I adore the Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes. I stock up when theygo on sale. These are the only facial wipes that don't seem to leave a nasty film on my skin and they don't break me out! I love your list! So many awesome things!

  4. Agree with you on the LRP Anthelios sunscreen, but clearly I need to buy it at CVS! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Great choices. I didn't think about wipes but I go through a good amount of those that need to be repurchased. Love It Factor and will rebuy that one when needed. And I love my Pantone Metallic Palette so I'd buy different ones for sure.

  6. I love the Yes To... brands for face wipes. Love Blueberries, but am excited for the spring release of Grapefruit.

    I will be repurchasing Stila's In The Light palette shortly. Great neutrals, good value, fantastic formula.

  7. I also adore the ItFactor Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner! :) Great list!

  8. I always repurchase makeup removing wipes - I have no idea why I didn't think of that when making my list. And that Viviscal is something I really need to try. If it gives you thick, lush hair like yous - I'm in!


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